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and sized data that are attached to the message. It is up to the SOAP application s semantics whether this data attachment is to be used as an ancillary rider to the SOAP message or whether the attachment itself is the core reason for the transmission of the SOAP message. This second scenario may be exploited by applications whose requirement is to move binary data to another network application using a common transport protocol. Given an optimistic future for the uptake of SOAP, either scenario is plausible. For transmitting binary data or a large quantity of marked up data, an application designer can choose between embedding the data (e.g., as base64 typed data) between XML tags inside the SOAP envelope or using an attachment mechanism. Attachments can increase ef ciency by avoiding the need to parse a large XML envelope or to process the attachments. However, attachments themselves add some overhead to the message, and the application processor must be more sophisticated to understand attachment syntax and semantics. Attachments can be conveyed with a SOAP message using MIME multipart technology. This technique was de ned in the SOAP with attachments (SwA) speci cation [13]. SwA de nes how a message is to be carried within a MIME multipart form in such a way that the SOAP processing rules are preserved. The MIME multipart mechanism supports binary attachments such as images, sound les, or Word documents. To handle attachments, the XML Protocol (XMLP) working group of the W3C rst published the SOAP 1.2 Attachment Feature [17]. The SOAP 1.2 Attachment Feature refers to SwA as a concrete attachment binding. The SOAP 1.2 Attachment Feature does not de ne concrete encoding rules for SOAP attachments. Rather, it de nes an abstract SOAP 1.2 attachment feature that will enable various SOAP bindings to be de ned that support the exchange of messages with binary attachments. In addition to SwA, another attachments speci cation, WS-Attachments [18], is also referenced by the SOAP 1.2 Attachment Feature. WS-Attachments leverages DIME rather than MIME as the document attachment mechanism. DIME has the advantage of maintaining a length attribute for each payload component. Knowing the length relieves the receiving SOAP application from the possible signi cant overhead in processing and memory allocation. After creating the SOAP 1.2 Attachment Feature, the XMLP working group further analyzed the attachments space and found the existing work lacking. SwA did not fully consider attachments relative to the XML Infoset and SOAP processing model expressed in SOAP 1.2. Additionally, opportunities for optimizing the exchange of SOAP messages that contain binary data had not been explored in a standard body. To this end, the XMLP working group has created a trio of new speci cations. XML-binary Optimization Packaging [25] (XOP, pronounced zop ) is an optimized serialization of an XML Infoset that contains binary content. Content that is typically base64 encoded is transmitted instead in its native octet stream, thus it does not incur either the message bloat or processing overhead associated with base64 encoding binary data. XOP uses MIME Multipart/Related [26] as its packaging format. Also, XOP enables binary data to be conceptualized as typical base64-encoded so it can be processed as a typical XML document. This layering thus enables a
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This transition involves the scienti c inscription of multiple social selves, cybernetic loops between self and other, and a reworking of psychology s subject. Perhaps it was in recognizing these civilian engagements of social psychology its contributions to de ning psychological personhood that Gordon Allport revised his initial history of social psychology with the opening claim that Social psychology is an ancient discipline. It is also modern ultramodern and exciting (1985, p. 1). In recognizing the material and political in uences on the intellectual conceptions of the social and individual, such historical understanding comprehends how the history of social psychology is inseparable from much of the political history of the twentieth century and from argument about power, justice, freedom and obligation (Smith, 1997, p. 747). Social psychology s evolution must be understood, therefore, as plural, multisited, and morally and politically inspired. Such a historical perspective situates social psychology as one, albeit crucial, project to understand human nature through scienti c method, and ultimately, to apply that scienti c knowledge to the enhancement of human welfare. Contrasted with this situated historical perspective is a narrative accounting of social psychology that charts the eld s rise and contributions on progressive terms (Allport, 1954; Jones, 1985). In this progressive history crucial laboratory experiments are named to serve as pivotal points in social psychology s development as scienti c. Disregarded in these scienti cally internalist accounts are political and moral as well as disciplinary conditions that compelled particular models of the individual and the social. Similarly eschewed are empirical projects initiated but abandoned, alternative models and research practices, and challenges to the scienti c status quo. In preparing this chapter, we were at once pulled in one direction by the need to trace fruition of these progressive intellectual commitments within experimental work, and tugged in another by the desire to generate an earnest account of the sociopolitical dynamics and the vibrant intellectual enterprises that yielded multiple, sometimes controversial conceptions of social psychology. Without giving the chapter over to one or the other historical narrative, we seek to chart those culminating forces in social psychology s subject matter, its continuing struggles over research methods, and its stronghold in the public imagination of twentieth-century American life. Factors in uencing social psychology s emergence, development, and paradigmatic commitments, considered in conjunction with the social identity and demeanor of the social psychologist, frame our review, as does social psychology s broader concern with the nature of what is taken as the individual and the social.
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When you access the CommandBars collection in a code module for a UserForm, ThisWorkbook, Sheet, or Chart, you must precede the references with the Application object. For example: Application.CommandBars.Add If your code is in a standard VBA module, this is not necessary.
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Physical Activity and Quality of Life
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Insights and Challenges of Cultural Psychology
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