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Note that D(f ||g) is nite only if the support set of f is contained in the support set of g. [Motivated by continuity, we set 0 log 0 = 0.] 0 De nition The mutual information I (X; Y ) between two random variables with joint density f (x, y) is de ned as I (X; Y ) = f (x, y) log f (x, y) dx dy. f (x)f (y) (8.47)
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However, at times of high demand, surface water may have to be diverted to supply other towns which (because of the layout of distribution mains) simply cannot receive groundwater. When this happens, a considerable number of properties which normally receive surface water are suddenly switched onto the groundwater source. This always results in a large number of complaints from the households affected by the change, who claim to nd the taste of the new source of water unpleasant. In areas where people receive the same groundwater without interruption, on the other hand, the residents consider their tapwater to be the nest in the city, and they turn their noses up at the (surface) water they are offered in other neighborhoods. The moral of this story is: conjunctive use of groundwaters and surface waters needs careful planning and management. Three of the more successful strategies for conjunctive use are outlined below. 7.4.2 Riverside wells, induced recharge, and bank ltration It is axiomatic that ow through porous media tends to result in puri cation of waters. This is precisely why many water treatment plants incorporate sand lters as essential unit processes in the conditioning of surface waters for potable use (see Binnie et al. 2002). Recognition that subsurface ow physically lters out many pathogens, and also facilitates many biogeochemical processes which serve to strip pollutants out of in ltrating waters, is behind the logic of choosing a groundwater source in preference to a surface water where both are potentially available (see Sections 7.2.3 and 9.3.2). In some cases, large rivers might provide more reliable quantities of water than could be supplied by local aquifers, but the quality of these surface waters may be such that they could not be used for public supply without extensive ltration. Where permeable sands and gravels occur in close proximity to such rivers (see Box 5.1), it is often possible to draw upon the river water by pumping wells drilled into the sands and gravels not far from the river banks. The resulting in ux of water
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Additionally, the Microsoft Foundation Classes library for Windows CE supports Data Access Objects (DAO), providing a SQL-based interface to the Windows CE database technology. This book, however, will only cover programming for the Windows CE database. Complete coverage of SQL programming and relation and objected-oriented databases is left to the vast number of database programming books on the market today.
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It is important to prepare a training outline that will maximize the front of ce manager s efforts in training the night auditor. The session can begin by explaining that the objective of the night audit is to evaluate the hotel s nancial activity and that the night audit process monitors departmental nancial activity. The outline should cover the major concepts of posting room and tax charges, assembling guest charges and payments, reconciling departmental nancial activities, reconciling the accounts receivable, running the trial balance, and preparing the night audit report. The front of ce manager should explain the formulas used to balance the night audit: formula to balance guest ledger, formula to balance city ledger, and formula to balance bank deposit, as well as formulas to compute operating statistics.
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author_id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment author_name varchar(50) NOT NULL default author_type tinyint(4) NOT NULL default 0 author_nickname varchar(50) default NULL
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The slots on the back of some broadband modems do not have labels like WAN or Internet. In that case, nd the slot that looks like it will connect to a large telephone cord. That is where you should plug your CAT5 cable.
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 Look into telephone type authentication, TNI.  Look into name, address, and phone authentication as well.
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To obtain some insight into the level of patience a job candidate possesses, ask a question such as, Tell me about your recent participation in an event (sporting, social, work) at which you received less than what you had expected. A response that indicates
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