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she slowed production while learning the team s unique procedures taught by the group being disrupted and became a threatening symbol of what could happen to the others. The propulsion directorate, with approximately 3,500 employees, was the next group to be scrutinized for reductions. Faced with a declining number of opportunities and openings, workers still maintained high levels of production. One stabilizing line of thought had been that the presence of Boeing would act as a catalyst for drawing a major engine company to the area. This was subsequently reinforced by an agreement with Lockheed Propulsion and Tinker AFB. This agreement kept some of the engine work in San Antonio; however, once again, the number of employees exceeded the number of possible jobs. The results of the RIFs and the various separations appeared to have a rather negligible initial impact. The workers remained optimistic, and production rates and job performance remained high. However, the whisper network, a term coined by the base chaplain, was beginning to indicate an increase in concerns, worries, and strains that resulted in an exacerbation of potential negative stress reactions. The existing network of base and community service providers was organized to address relevant issues and to attempt to buffer the impact of negative stressors. Service-Oriented Networks A number of service-oriented networks focused on the needs of Kelly personnel and assisted them in meeting their objectives for a successful transition. A nonexclusive number of key base and community agencies included the Kelly Action Information Board, the Integrated Delivery System team, the Chaplain Of ce, the Civilian Employee Transition Of ce, and the Kelly chapter of the United Way. The Kelly Action Information Board The Kelly Action Information Board (KAIB) was a crossfunctional structure composed of a variety of necessary base and community organizations whose main purpose was to disseminate information and provide guidance to programs relevant to base closure. It was similar to the change management team as outlined by Adkins (1998). The KAIB was chaired by the installation vice commander, which re ected the degree of importance associated with the welfare of the Kelly community. The Integrated Delivery System Team The Integrated Delivery System (IDS) team was the main working group of the KAIB. Its purpose was to coordinate all
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Mode Factors for Consideration
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Part III Popular Programs
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Note that since the capacity of a broadcast channel depends only on the conditional marginals, the capacity region of the stochastically degraded broadcast channel is the same as that of the corresponding physically degraded channel. In much of the following, we therefore assume that the channel is physically degraded.
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Note: An object has the same scope as the variable to which it is assigned. See Scoping a variable on page 220.
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researcher would determine which subjects developed hypertension and which subjects did not. The researcher would then determine whether earlier measurements could have predicted the later development of hypertension. While longitudinal designs can be extremely useful, their cost and other limitations often make this type of research difficult to conduct.
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Figure 1.4 The Handheld PC emulation environment. Now you can run and debug the application just as you would any other Windows application. When you run the TEMPLATE.EXE application in the emulator, you should see something like Figure 1.5.
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Or you can use a file explorer to drop the ZIP file into the libraries directory and double-click it to unzip the contents. When Processing is restarted, you should see roombacomm as a library choice when selecting Sketch Import Library (see Figure 7-3).
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RC-triggered MOSFET ESD power clamp hierarchical parameterized cell
Appendix E What s on the CD-ROM
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