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An issue that often leads to confusion among VBA programmers concerns arguments for methods and properties. Some methods use arguments to further clarify the action to be taken, and some properties use arguments to further specify the property value. In some cases, one or more of the arguments is optional. If a method uses arguments, place the arguments after the name of the method, separated by commas. If the method uses optional arguments, you can insert blank placeholders for the optional arguments. Consider the Protect method for a workbook object. Check the online help and you ll find that the Protect method takes three arguments: password, structure, windows. These arguments correspond to the options in the Protect Workbook dialog box. If you want to protect a workbook named MyBook.xls, for example, you might use a statement like this: Workbooks( MyBook.xls ).Protect xyzzy , True, False In this case, the workbook is protected with a password (argument 1). Its structure is protected (argument 2), but not its windows (argument 3). If you don t want to assign a password, you can use a statement like this: Workbooks( MyBook.xls ).Protect , True, False Notice that the first argument is omitted, and that I specified the placeholder using a comma. Another approach, which makes your code more readable, is to use named arguments. Here s an example of how you use named arguments for the preceding example: Workbooks( MyBook.xls ).Protect Structure:=True, Windows:=False Using named arguments is a good idea, especially for methods that have lots of optional arguments, and also when you need to use only a few of them. When you use named arguments, there is no need to use a placeholder for missing arguments. For properties that use arguments, you must place the arguments in parentheses. For example, the Address property of a Range object takes five arguments, all of which are optional. The following statement is not valid because the parentheses are omitted: MsgBox Range( A1 ).Address False invalid
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Now a few words about reality: Excel is a moving target. Excel s upgrade cycle is approximately 18 24 months, which means that you have fewer than two years to get up to speed with its current innovations before you have even more innovations to contend with. Excel 5, which introduced VBA, represented a major paradigm shift for Excel developers. Thousands of people up until that point earned their living developing Excel applications that were largely based on the XLM macro language in Excel 2, 3, and 4. Beginning with Excel 5, dozens of new tools became available and developers, for the most part, eagerly embraced them. When Excel 97 became available, developers faced yet another shift. This new version introduced a new file format, the Visual Basic editor, and UserForms as a replacement for dialog sheets. Excel 2000 and 2002 introduced additional features, but these changes were not as radical as in previous upgrades. We can probably look forward to yet another significant shift following Excel 2002. Microsoft is currently developing its .NET ( dot net ) technology, and it s likely that Office will be part of that technology. And, word on the street is that Visual Studio for Applications (VSA) will replace VBA. VBA is not difficult to learn, but it definitely takes time to become comfortable with it, and even more time to master it. The VBA language is still evolving. Consequently, it s not uncommon to be in the process of learning VBA while you re developing applications with it. In fact, I think it s impossible to learn VBA without developing applications. If you re like me, you ll find it much easier to learn VBA if you have a project that requires it. Learning VBA just for the sake of learning VBA usually doesn t work.
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FIGURE 16-1: Python showing and telling
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The Forthcoming Revolution
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CompuServe offers several Excel forums, including a useful forum named Excel Macros and VBA. You must be a CompuServe member to post to these forums, but anyone can read them. The URL is as follows:
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Guest History Word-processing Client Files Banquet Files Desktop Publishing Reports Travel Agencies Room Status Meeting Rooms
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Introduction to Wireless Sensor Networking
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In October of 1992, the National Conference on Postdoctoral Training in Professional Psychology was held at the University of Michigan to specifically address postdoctoral training issues in psychology (Larsen et al., 1993). While the APA accredits and provides detailed guidelines for graduate and internship training, no comprehensive APA guidelines have been provided for postdoctoral training. Since most states require postdoctoral training prior to licensure, almost all clinical psychologists had been participating in postdoctoral training programs without APA guidance. Many professionals have called for national standards for postdoctoral training (Belar et al., 1989; Plante, 1988). The Michigan Conference developed guidelines and plans for further control and regulation of postdoctoral training in clinical psychology. For example, recommendations included the completion of APAaccredited doctoral and internship training programs prior to admission to accredited postdoctoral training programs; at least two hours per week of face-to-face supervision by a licensed psychologist; and a systematic evaluation mechanism for examining the trainees and program among others.
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Figure 7.26 Non-normalized histograms of the a priori information A applied to a LOG MAP BCJR decoder and the resulting non-normalized histograms of the extrinsic information E, for Example 7.4
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