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Reduced pseudo range resulting error when multipath occurs with reduced early-late spacing; Reduction of pseudo range resulting error when multipath delay is greater than one chip.
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rather than examining differences as a function of the type of skill being performed, we look to a number of individual differences in the performer as predictors of susceptibility to performance decrements under pressure. Dispositional Self-Consciousness Self-consciousness refers to one s level of awareness about internal states and processes (Baumeister, 1984; Fenigstein, Scheier, & Buss, 1975). Using a version of explicit monitoring theory as a guideline, Baumeister hypothesized that individuals low in dispositional selfconsciousness would be more prone to performance decrements under pressure than those high in selfconsciousness. High self-conscious individuals are accustomed to attending to their performance. Thus, to the extent that pressure prompts attention to execution (as explicit monitoring theories would predict), those who are accustomed to performance monitoring (i.e., high selfconscious individuals) should be less impacted by increased self-awareness than those who are not (i.e., low self-conscious individuals). In a series of experiments, participants performed an unfamiliar ball roll-up motor task in which the goal was to maneuver a ball into various target holes. Baumeister found that those scoring higher in dispositional self-consciousness were less prone to choke under pressure than those who scored lower. Although Baumeister s (1984) findings are consistent with explicit monitoring theories of choking, more recent work has called the specifics of these results into question. In particular, Wang et al. (2004) examined individual differences in self-consciousness as a predictor of choking under pressure in a well-learned basketball free-throw shooting task. It was found that highly self-conscious athletes (specifically, privately self-conscious; see Fenigstein et al., 1975) were more susceptible to choking under pressure, not less, as Baumeister had found. Wang et al. (2004) suggest that these disparate findings may be due to differences in the skill level of the performers in the two studies. Baumeister s (1984) participants were relatively unskilled at performing the ball-rolling task. In contrast, Wang et al. s participants were skilled basketball players performing a well-learned free-throw shooting task. It may be that at low levels of learning, individuals high in self-consciousness are less prone to choke, not because they are adapted to performing in a self-focused state, but because they are more likely to allocate attentional processes to execution. As mentioned earlier, such attentional processes seem to be beneficial in the initial stages of learning yet disrupt well-
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Abstract: In this work we describe two instruments for introducing evolutionary behavior into intelligent systems. The rst is the hierarchical prioritized structure (HPS) and the second is the participatory learning paradigm (PLP).
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