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You can use the built-in ActionScript objects to access and manipulate specific kinds of information. For example, the Math object has methods that perform mathematical operations on numbers you pass to them. This example uses the sqrt method:
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What might be the reason for the puzzling success of the classical Kelvin equation that makes use of planar surface tension in describing highly curved critical clusters Let us take a look at the work of formation of the classical nucleus following McGraw and Laaksonen [21]. By making the substitution = v (Pv ) v (Pe ) for kT ln S (equation 2.52), and combining Equations (2.59) and (2.60), we see that
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These are usually denoted by T and give the extent to which a molecule immediately rebounding from a collision with a surface molecule acquires the mean thermal energy (temperature) of the surface molecules [48]. If T = 1, the molecule is equilibrated at the same temperature. When the molecule has internal degrees of freedom, it is possible to de ne separate coef cients for the different translational, rotational and vibrational degrees of freedom.
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