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Many studies can incorporate both crosssectional and longitudinal methods into the same investigation and are called crosssequential designs. Cross-sectional designs provide a snapshot view of behavior at a given moment in time. Most of the research in clinical psychology as well as most other areas of psychology applies cross-sectional methods because they are generally easier and less expensive to complete. The study on testtaking anxiety mentioned earlier is an example of a cross-sectional research design. Test-anxious subjects were provided laboratory treatment and then participated in a simulated IQ test during one brief laboratory session. The study provided a snapshot view of test-anxious students to determine whether a brief treatment might be useful in reducing anxiety during one isolated laboratory session. Longitudinal designs generally collect research data over a long period of time. Examining test-anxious subjects throughout the course of their high school and college education would be an example of a longitudinal design method. In this example, levels of test-taking anxiety would be assessed periodically during high school and college and thus would take approximately eight years to collect. Suppose a clinical psychologist were interested in determining whether the development of hypertension (high blood pressure) was associated with a person s reaction to stress over time. Using a cross-sectional approach, the psychologist might take self-report and physiological (e.g., blood pressure) measures during a stressful laboratory procedure. He or she might be interested in determining whether hypertensive patients experience greater reactivity to the laboratory procedure than do nonhypertensive control subjects. On the other hand, a researcher who decided to use a longitudinal approach might assess a random group of people on their self-reported and physiological responses to laboratory stress periodically for many years. Then the
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(modi ed from L cke, 2007; Lautenschl ger 2007)
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Bowlby (1951) has pointed out that both European and American investigators agree that the quality of parental care has great importance to the development of the child. Less agreement exists about how speci c patterns of parent behavior are related to speci c patterns of child behavior. One obstacle to the understanding of such relationships has been a lack of knowledge of the interrelations of the concepts within each universe [italics added]. For the purpose of discussion, let us accept the conceptual models presented here and attempt to develop hypotheses concerning the relationship of the two models [italics added]. (pp. 143 144)
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Adaptive parameter tuning
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Tune (optimize) the consequent parameters of the locally linear subsystems, as will be described below. Calculate the potential of the input output pair to form a new cluster (respectively fuzzy rule) or to replace an existing one. Update the cluster (respectively fuzzy rule) quality indicators and, if necessary, remove clusters/rules that are old, with low utility and support. code 39 generator code
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Degenerate Brains, Indeterminate Behavior, and Representative Tasks
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How comfortable would you be updating the previous HTML How about if you needed to add another set of questions and answers Already, you can see using HTML 4 makes a world of difference. The information the browser must know to format the previous text is stored separately, in a style sheet.
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This work was funded by the National Institutes of Health RO1 Grant HL-65766. Rebecca Klinger is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Medical Student Research Training Fellow.
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