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psychology administrators. The qualities that make a psychologist a successful clinician, consultant, or researcher are not likely to be the same qualities that make a successful administrator. The ability to conduct highquality research or to provide effective psychotherapy may involve skills that are very different from managing a budget, negotiating contracts, and dealing with employee conflicts and office politics. Many psychologists do not plan to become administrators but take on the role as their career progresses. Those who have good people skills, pay attention to detail, and manage systems and money well may be encouraged by colleagues and others to assume administrative responsibilities. Effective psychology administrators are organized, effective leaders, and good managers of both people and money (Barton, 1991; Kilburg, 1991; Shore, 1993). Katz (1980) reports that human skill, the ability to work with others, is essential to effective administration at every level (p. 82). Barton (1991) proposed a model curriculum for mental health administration that would include both formal course work and practicum experience. He suggests that a master s degree in Mental Health Administration or in Public Health be awarded to those who seek to become administrators in the mental health field. Since a large number of psychologists ultimately provide administrative services, it seems reasonable and prudent for graduate and postgraduate training programs to provide formal training in administration for those who elect this career path. The following scenario illustrates how psychologists often become administrators. A psychologist may work as a clinician in a community mental health clinic. Over time, the psychologist develops a reputation as being a competent and professional colleague who is organized and effective in his responsibilities. The chief psychologist of the clinic takes
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MythTV is built upon the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) sound libraries. In Linux, multiple sound libraries may be used by a program to communicate with soundcard hardware. ALSA is the newest and most advanced. The Open Sound System (OSS) is the older foundation, now considered defunct by most of the Linux community.
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de nition can pose some serious dif culties. In fact, at face value, the de nition is quite grandiose, encompassing all of clinical psychology, counseling psychology, rehabilitation psychology, occupational psychology, and much else as well. No single health care professional can reasonably be expected to possess and practice with genuine competence in all of the areas mentioned in Matarazzo s de nition and yet that is what the American, British, and most other psychological associations have agreed to. The of cial de nition of health psychology needs to be narrowed, or at least specialties within it, need to be de ned (e.g., clinical health psychologist, rehabilitation health psychologist, occupational health psychologist, health promotion psychologist). Otherwise there is a risk of becoming Jacks-and-Jills-of-all-trades, and master-of-none. McDermott (2001) recently argued that the Matarazzo de nition is overinclusive, encompassing any topic connected with health, including primary, secondary, and tertiary care in their entirety. McDermott states, The over-inclusivity is likely to prove detrimental to the long-term well-being of health psychology since such a broad de nition does not allow for the subject area to distinguish itself clearly from other subdisciplines, in particular from clinical psychology and behavioral medicine (p. 7). McDermott s solution to this problem is to replace the rst Matarazzo de nition with another, his de nition of behavioral health:
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Cohen, J. (1988). Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences (2nd ed.). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Federer, W. T. (1955). Experimental design: Theory and application. New York: Macmillan. Finney, D. J. (1945). The fractional replication of factorial arrangements. Annals of Eugenics, 12, 291 301. Finney, D. J. (1946). Recent developments in the design of eld experiments. III. Fractional replication. Journal of Agricultural Science, 36, 184 191. Fisher, R. A. (1918). The correlation between relatives on the supposition of Mendelian inheritance. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 52, 399 433. Fisher, R. A. (1925). Statistical methods for research workers. Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd. Fisher, R. A. (1926). The arrangement of eld experiments. Journal of the Ministry of Agriculture, 33, 503 513. Fisher, R. A. (1935). The design of experiments. Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd. Fisher, R. A., & Mackenzie, W. A. (1923). Studies in crop variation. II. The manurial response of different potato varieties. Journal of Agricultural Science, 13, 311 320. Harris, R. J. (1994). ANOVA: An analysis of variance primer. Itasca, IL: Peacock. Hays, W. L. (1963). Statistics. Fort Worth, TX: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Hedges, L. V. (1981). Distributional theory for Glass s estimator of effect size and related estimators. Journal of Educational Statistics, 6, 107 128. Hocking, R. R. (1985). The analysis of linear models. Paci c Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole. Hocking, R. R., & Speed, F. M. (1975). A full rank analysis of some linear model problems. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 70, 706 712. Kempthorne, O. (1947). A simple approach to confounding and fractional replication in factorial experiments. Biometrika, 34, 255 272. Keppel, G. (1991). Design and analysis: A researcher s handbook (3rd ed.). Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Kirk, R. E. (1995). Experimental design: Procedures for the behavioral sciences (3rd ed.). Paci c Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole.
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and female athletes across different events and sports that emphasize either endurance and aerobic fitness (for longer distance events) or anaerobic capacities (for short-distance, sprint events). Significant evidence exists that there are genetic limits with respect to anaerobic activities, but less consistent evidence for limits in aerobic capacities (e.g., Bouchard et al., 1990; Simoneau et al., 1986). Analyses of swimmers and triathletes showed that for the longer events, practice was significantly related to performance times, but that gender did not make a significant contribution to the regression model. However, examination of the sprint events in swimming showed that although 20% to 30% of the variance in these events could be accounted for by practice, it was not a significant predictor. Gender accounted significantly for 30% to 40% of the variance in performance times even after controlling for practice. The fact that gender predicted performance for athletes in the two fastest events suggests that enduring physical differences between individuals, as a result of gender, limit performance for activities with high anaerobic demands that appear to be less amenable to training. Other efforts to examine gender differences have been conducted by Duffy, Baruch, and Ericsson (2004) in a sport that ostensibly appears to have very little physical attribute advantages, that is, darts. Despite controlling for variables such as arm length, age, years of experience, and the size of the recruitment pool where men and women were selected, performance differences across male and female players were observed. It was concluded that, barring other variables, such as spatial abilities, practice time and quality are the main variables that differentiate gender, although no specific examination of this hypothesis was conducted. The examination of the developmental profiles of athletes as a function of gender might help to uncover differences in the types of practice and experiences of these athletes across the developmental continuum. It would appear most useful to start at a point where performance differences do not differentiate across gender. For example, in sports such as archery, croquet, and ten-pin bowling, samples of women who are matched for equivalent performance to samples of men have been found (e.g., P. R. Thomas, Schlinker, & Over, 1996). It may be that practice experiences as a function of gender are both quantitatively and qualitatively different, with the demands and amount of practice for women athletes being more stringent than those for men to attain a similar level of performance. Moreover, it might be that the relationship between practice and performance changes following puberty, when differences in body proportions, size, and weight more clearly distinguish across gender.
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single-case and typological studies alike make inferences about the inner quality of human beings . . . from outer manifestations their past and present environments . . . and the pattern over time of their political responses. . . . They then use those inferred constructs to account for the same kind of phenomena from which they were inferred responses in situational contexts. The danger of circularity is obvious, but tautology can be avoided by reconstructing personality from some response patterns and using the reconstruction to explain others. (pp. 120 121)
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Evolution: A Generative Source for Conceptualizing the Attributes of Personality
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12 Hacking Dynamic Publishing
SANDEEP K. S. GUPTA Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Arizona State University, Tempe PRADIP K. SRIMANI Department of Computer Science, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina
Figure 3.15 Component interworking proactive service provisioning.
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