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during processing, concentration of salt, and composition and quantity of smoke deposited in the meat. Various products preserved by curing and heavy smoking may have a shelf life of even several months at room temperature, while mild treatment, as applied in manufacturing of some frankfurter-type sausages, yields products that can be kept only a few days under refrigeration. By smoking frankfurters 30 minutes at internal temperatures 60 76 C, the total number of aerobic bacteria may be reduced by about two log cycles; higher temperature and longer processing time is slightly more effective. Smoke components delay the growth of micro ora in cold-stored frankfurters, whereby the effect increases with the smoking time. Natural smoking can retard the onset of greening of frankfurters caused by Leuconostoc mesenteroides during storage (Anifantaki et al. 2002). Numerous smoke compounds (phenols, carboxylic acids, and formaldehyde) in concentrations similar to those in heavily smoked goods are effective antimicrobial agents. Their activity against various microorganisms at different stages of development is not equal. The phenols prolong the lag phase of bacterial growth proportionally to their concentration in the product. Therefore, the amount of the smoke components deposited on the meats during smoking has a signi cant in uence on the preservative effect. Generally, hot smoking decreases the number of viable microorganisms in the products by one to two log cycles, whereby the effect increases with the rise in processing time and temperature. Among the most effective antimicrobial agents of wood smoke are: guaiacol and its methyl and propyl derivatives, creosol, pyrocatechol, methylpyrocatechol, 2,6-dimethoxyphenol, and pyrogallol and its methyl ether. Formaldehyde inhibits Cl. botulinum in concentrations of 40 g/cm3. Adding to raw minced beef 8% of liquid smoke, containing in 1 cm3 about 1.4 4.0 mg of phenols and 20 70 mg of carbonyl com-
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This is an empty element that contains attributes only. To create columns, specify TD elements within a TR element. barcode generator open source
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If a Program Won t Start or Run Properly
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THE DEFINITION AND SCOPE OF HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY The currently accepted de nition of health psychology was originally proposed by Matarazzo (1982) as:
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Figure 2.1 Triple-DES using two keys.
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Hidden Names
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Evolution: A Generative Source for Conceptualizing the Attributes of Personality
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