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data is the default, ref indicates the value is a URL, object indicates the ID of another object defined in this page
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Cynthia Restin, night auditor of The Times Hotel, waited to see Ana Chavarria, front of ce manager, after her shift was over. She related a few incidents to Ana that occurred during her evening shift. She said she received a call from a guest in
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The desire to communicate over long distances was described long before the radio conduction phenomenon was discovered. The rst related facts using optical means date from the fourth and fth centuries BC, when res on the tops of mountains were used to serve as communication relays. This approach was still being used by
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Our previous research has focused on encapsulating chondrocytes in PEG-based hydrogels both in vitro and in vivo to engineer cartilage-like tissue [Elisseeff et al., 1999, 2000]. Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of cartilage-speci c tissue architecture. In particular, the super cial, middle, and deep zones of cartilage each have unique genetic and biochemical characteristics that contribute to the structural and functional properties of the tissue. We studied the relevance of depth variation in tissue-engineered cartilage with a bovine chondrocyte model system. We were interested in recreating the zones of articular cartilage in a photopolymerizing hydrogel system capable of forming complex, multilayered structures for cartilage tissue engineering. Chondrocytes from varying depths (super cial, middle, and deep) differ in proliferation and expression of matrix markers on plating for ampli cation and matrix production after encapsulation in the hydrogel. The goal of this study was to prove that chondrocytes isolated from the three layers would differ in gene expression patterns and matrix formation after being encapsulated in a photopolymerizing hydrogel.
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$27,200 / $62,700
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Method void setSessionMethod (GM_CONSTANT method) [0.6.4] Function To set the session handling method before connect. If you want PHP to handle it with cookies, set it to GM_USE_PHPSESSION| GM_USE_COOKIE; if you want PHP to handle it but without using cookies, set it to !GM_USE_COOKIE|GM_USE_ PHPSESSION; if you do not want PHP to handle it, set it to GM_USE_COOKIE|!GM_USE_PHPSESSION. It will set to GM_USE_PHPSESSION|GM_USE_COOKIE by default. To set the login information before connect.
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Review RFC 814. Since many network applications may be running on the same machine,
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