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Cultural Aspects of Health Psychology
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Lacy, M. G., & Greer, D. L. (1992). Conceptualizing attitudes toward play: The Game Orientation Scale and the Context Modified Webb Scale. Sociology of Sport Journal, 9, 286 294. Lakie, W. L. (1964). Expressed attitudes of various groups of athletes toward athletic competition. Research Quarterly, 35, 497 503. LaVoi, N., Power, F. C., Shields, D., Bredemeier, B., & Duda, J. (2004, September). Civic engagement and sport: A pilot study of collegiate female athletes. Paper presented at the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology conference, Minneapolis, MN. Lee, M. J. (1977). Expressed values of varsity football players, intramural football players, and non-football players. Eugene, OR: Microform Publications. Lee, M. J. (1986). Moral and social growth through sport: The coach s role. In G. Gleeson (Ed.), The growing child in competitive sport (pp. 248 255). London: Hodder and Stoughton. Lee, M. J., & Cockman, M. J. (1995). Values in children s sport: Spontaneously expressed values among young athletes. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 30, 337 352. Lee, M. J., Whitehead, J., & Balchin, N. (2000). The measurement of values in youth sports: Development of the Youth Sport Values Questionnaire. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 22, 307 326. Lee, M. J., Whitehead, J., Hatzigeorgiadis, A., & Ntoumanis, N. (2001, May/June). Refinement of the Youth Sports Values Questionnaire. Paper presented at the 10th World Congress of Sports Psychology, Skiathos, Greece. Lee, M. J., Whitehead, J., Ntoumanis, N., & Hatzigeorgiadis, A. (2001). Goal orientations as mediators of the influence of values on sporting attitudes in young athletes. In A. Papaioannou, M. Goudas, & Y. Theodorakis (Eds.), In the dawn of a new millennium: 10th World Congress of Sport Psychology (pp. 193 194). Skiathos, Greece: International Society of Sports Psychology. Lemyre, P. N., Roberts, G. C., & Ommundsen, Y. (2002). Achievement goal orientations, perceived ability, and sportspersonship in youth soccer. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 14, 120 136. Maehr, M. L., & Braskamp, L. (1986). The motivation factor: A theory of personal investment. Lexington, MA: Lexington Books. Maloney, T. L., & Petrie, B. (1972). Professionalization of attitude toward play among Canadian school pupils as a function of sex, grade, and athletic participation. Journal of Leisure Research, 4, 184 195. Mantel, R. C., & Vander Velden, L. (1974). The relationship between the professionalization of attitude toward play of preadolescent boys and participation in organized sport. In G. Sage ( Ed.), Sport and American societ y (2nd ed., pp. 172 178). Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.
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Fundamental Ethical Principles Competence: Psychologists must maintain
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In this chapter we have covered the major aspects of data synchronization under Windows CE. A book of this scope cannot possibly cover every nuance and detail of a subject of this magnitude. In fact, an entire data synchronization book would not be unrealistic. However, with the overview provided by this chapter and the sample code on the companion CD, you will be well on your way to writing your own custom ActiveSync modules.
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Assemble the panelTable object. For items in this table, the tab name is the key and the value is an array of control data arrays.
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For example, suppose a motel owner decided to investigate renting a building adjacent to her motel in order to run it as a coffee shop. It will cost $100,000 to redecorate, furnish, and equip the building with a guaranteed five-year lease. The projected cash flow (net income after tax, with depreciation added back) for each of the five years is Projected Annual Cash Flow Year Year Year Year Year 1 2 3 4 5 $ 18,000 20,000 22,000 25,000 30,000 $115,000
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Fedora Core Linux with MythTV Resources Fedora Core Linux Web Site Fedora Myth(TV)ology Gentoo Linux MythTV Resources Official Gentoo Linux Web site Official Gentoo MythTV Install Guide Gentoo How-To Setup MythTV wiki Mandrake Linux MythTV Resources Mandriva (formerly Mandrake) Linux Web Site Maiku s Setting up MythTV under Mandrake 10.1 Guide Thac s Mandrake 10.1 MythTV RPMs SuSE Linux MythTV Resources Novell SuSE Linux Web Site OpenSuSE 10.1 Distribution Site MythTV Custom Builds KnoppMyth Web Site KnoppMyth Forums
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Figure 6.24 TLP Measurement of NSA SiGe HBT emitter base for large emitter diffusion-toextrinsic base implant spacing
A number of themes for action were identi ed in Agenda 21, relating to prosperity, justice, housing, soil fertility, international cooperation, and environmental protection. While the agendasetting was global, it was recognized that actions necessarily take place at local level. Thus was born the movement known as Local Agenda 21, in which partnerships between governmental, private sector, and/or community organizations aim to implement sustainable development at the local or regional scale. Ten years on from the Rio Summit, a second global summit was held in Johannesburg, at which the commitment to Agenda 21 was re-af rmed and the UN Commission on Sustainable Development ii was charged with developing and implementing a 15-year development program. The very rst thematic priorities in this program include water. 11.2.2 Sustainable water resources development: principles and governance issues A number of de nitions for sustainable water resources development have been proposed in the years since the Rio Earth Summit. Table 11.1 summarizes a few of these, and offers some critique of their scope. Probably the most rounded of
FIGURE 2.16 Various types of projections: (a) tangent cylinder; (b) secant cylinder; (c) tangent cone; (d) secant cone; (e) tangent plane (bottom).
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