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PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT OF IBS Since 1983, three broad approaches to psychological treatment of IBS have been evaluated in randomized, controlled trials (RCTs): brief psychodynamic psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and various combinations of cognitive and behavioral therapies. We describe each treatment approach brie y and summarize the outcome and follow-up results. Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy While the descriptive term, brief psychodynamic . . . , may seem a bit of a contradiction, it is accurate. The treatments were delivered over a three-month span and consisted of 10 sessions in one instance and only 7 in the other. Thus, the time span and number of sessions are not what we normally associate with psychodynamic psychotherapy. The therapy is psychodynamic to the extent that it seeks insight (Svedlund, Sjodin, Ottosson, & Dotevall, 1983) and exploration of patients feelings about their illness (Guthrie, Creed, Dawson, & Tomenson, 1991). In the rst study (which we believe is the rst RCT of psychological treatment for IBS), Svedlund et al. (1983) randomly assigned 101 IBS patients, all of whom were receiving
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Stratospheric Chemistry: Aerosols and the Ozone Layer
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Bicarbonate (HCO3 )||
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Gould, D., Medbery, R., Damarjian, N., & Lauer, L. (1999). A survey of mental skills training knowledge, opinions, and practices of junior tennis coaches. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 11, 28 50. Gould, D., Murphy, S., Tammen, V., & May, J. (1991). An evaluation of U.S. Olympic sport psychology consultant effectiveness. Sport Psychologist, 5, 111 127. Gould, D., Petlichkoff, L., Hodge, K., & Simons, J. (1990). Evaluating the effectiveness of a psychological skills educational workshop. Sport Psychologist, 4, 249 260. Green, C. D. (2003). Psychology strikes out: Coleman R. Griffith and the Chicago Cubs. History of Psychology, 6, 267 283. Greenleaf, C., Gould, D., & Dieffenbach, K. (2001). Factors influencing Olympic performance: Interviews with Atlanta and Nagano U.S. Olympians. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 13, 154 184. Greenspan, M., & Andersen, M. B. (1995). Providing psychological services to student athletes: A developmental psychology model. In S. M. Murphy (Ed.), Sport psychology interventions (pp. 177 191). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Greenspan, M. J., & Feltz, D. L. (1989). Psychological interventions with athletes in competitive situations: A review. Sport Psychologist, 3, 219 236. Groslambert, A., Candau, R., Grappe, F., Dugue, B., & Rouillon, J. D. (2003). Effects of autogenic and imagery training on the shooting performance in biathlon. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 74, 337 341. Grove, J. R., & Hanrahan, S. J. (1988). Perceptions of mental training needs by elite field hockey players and their coaches. Sport Psychologist, 2, 222 230. Grove, J. R., Norton, P. J., Van Raalte, J. L., & Brewer, B. W. (1999). Stages of change as an outcome measure in the evaluation of mental skills training programs. Sport Psychologist, 13, 107 116. Hackfort, D., & Schwenkmezger, P. (1993). Anxiety. In R. N. Singer, M. Murphy, & L. K. Tennant (Eds.), Handbook of research on sport psychology (pp. 328 364). New York: Macmillan. Hale, B. D., & Whitehouse, A. (1998). The effects of imagerymanipulated appraisal on intensity and direction of competitive anxiety. Sport Psychologist, 12, 40 51. Hall, C. R., & Rodgers, W. M. (1989). Enhancing coaching effectiveness in figure skating through a mental skills training program. Sport Psychologist, 3, 142 154. Hall, C. R., Rodgers, W. M., & Barr, K. A. (1990). The use of imagery by athletes in selected sports. Sport Psychologist, 4, 1 10. Hanin, Y. L. (2000). Successful and poor performance and emotions. In Y. L. Hanin (Ed.), Emotions in sport (pp. 157 187). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.
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Radiative cooling
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Preparatory Data Analysis
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Replacing the all-caps placeholders with their actual values will produce a time-stamped (YYYYMMDD) dump of your database at 1:00 A.M. on the first and fifteenth of every month, placed in a previously created directory in your home directory called backups. Because each backup is time-stamped, your backups are never overwritten and you can download them at your leisure.
Listing 8-3: Adding Additional Functionality
Child Clinical Psychology CASE STUDY: Weight Loss Treatment Program CASE STUDY: Joe Experiences Alcoholism
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