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SPAN.highlight { background: yellow}
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If you create an add-in from Myfuncs.xls and the add-in is loaded, you can omit the file reference and enter a formula such as the following:
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This is valid for linear quantization only. Thus increasing the number of quantizing steps for a xed range of input values reduces quantizing distortion accordingly. Voice transmission presents a problem. It has a wide dynamic range, on the order of 50 dB. That is the level range from the loudest syllable of the loudest talker to lowest-level syllable of the quietest talker. Using linear quantization, we nd it would require 2048 discrete steps to provide any delity at all. Since 2048 is 211 , this means we
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second addition indexes a set of 79 or 23 registers depending upon the hop frequency. Audio. The voice channels support a 64-kbps audio stream. This audio stream comes in either a log pulse-coded modulation (PCM) compression or continuous variable slope delta (CVSD) modulation format. In addition, errors are handled by an FEC scheme in HV1 and HV2 packets. Addressing. A unique 48-bit BD_ADDR is assigned to each Bluetooth device. The 24 LSBs of the BD_ADDR constitute the LAP. The next eight LSBs represent the UAP. The 16 MSBs represent the nonsigni cant address part (NAP). There are three access codes used in the IEEE 802.15.1 standard. These are CAC, DAC, and IAC. All of these codes are derived from the the BD_ADDR s LAP. The CAC is generated from the master s BD_ADDR LAP and is used in the preamble of every packet exchanged in the piconet. The DAC is used in the paging substates. The GIAC is used for inquiry of all devices, while a DIAC limits the inquiry to a particular class of devices. Each slave is assigned a 3-bit AM_ADDR, which is used to uniquely identify all active members. The allzero AM_ADDR is used for broadcast messages, which are accepted by all devices. When parked, a device gives up its AM_ADDR and receives a PM_ADDR and an AR_ADDR. These are used to allow the device to stay synchronized to the system and for later reentry as an active participant. Security. The Bluetooth standard provides security with use of the following four entities: a 48-bit BD_ADDR that is unique to each device, an 128-bit authentication key (referred to as the link key), a variable 8 128-bit (1 16-octet) encryption key, and a 128-bit random number (RAND). The link key is an 128-bit randomly generated number which is used for authentication as well as encryption key generation. There are four types of link keys: combination key (KAB), unit key (KA), temporary key (Kmaster), and initialization key (Kinit). There is also an encryption key (Kc). The security standards will only be discussed further when directly related to MAC as it is out of the scope of this chapter.
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In single- and multiemitter structures, the con guration of the emitter, base, and collector can in uence the ESD robustness of the homo- or heterojunction bipolar transistor.
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Now let s see how to respond to the NM_HOTSPOT notification in a real example. If you run the HTML.EXE sample application, you will see that it properly follows hyperlinks. As long as the links refer to HTML files that are in the emulator file system or the file system of the Windows CE device running the application, everything works fine. This behavior is implemented by responding to the NM_HOTSPOT notification described above. The relevant part of main application window s window procedure is given below: LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc( HWND hwnd, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam) { UINT nID; int nLen; TCHAR* pszFilename; switch(message) { case WM_NOTIFY: NM_HTMLVIEW* lpnm; lpnm = (NM_HTMLVIEW*)lParam; switch(lpnm->hdr.code) { case NM_HOTSPOT: nLen = strlen(lpnm->szTarget); pszFilename = (TCHAR*)LocalAlloc(LPTR, sizeof(TCHAR)*nLen); AnsiToWide(lpnm->szTarget, pszFilename); LinkToFile(pszFilename); LocalFree(pszFilename); break; default: break; } //End of switch(lpnm->hdr.code) block return (0); /* Other message handler code */ ... default: return (DefWindowProc(hwnd, message, wParam, lParam)); } //End of switch(message) block } The NM_HOTSPOT notification handler first extracts the string containing the HREF hyperlink text from the szTarget member of the NM_HTMLVIEW structure. HTML.EXE assumes that this contains the file name of an HTML document. LocalAlloc is called to allocate enough space in the buffer pszFilename to hold the file name. Then all that is left to do is open, read, and display the contents of the file. This is exactly what the LinkToFile function does, so the NM_HOTSPOT notification handler simply needs to call this function. The HTML viewer control responds by displaying the new HTML file. An important step of the process was skipped, however. The purpose of these two lines of code is not obvious: pszFilename = (TCHAR*)LocalAlloc(LPTR, sizeof(TCHAR)*nLen);
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Organics condensation Stratospheric polar cloud production Trace gas processing in clouds
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Part IV Enhancing Presentation with Cascading Style Sheets
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