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There are two types of music commands: SONG and PLAY. The SONG command defines a song to be played with the PLAY command. Roomba can remember up to 16 songs, and each song can be up to 16 notes long. Each note in a song is specified by two bytes: a note number for pitch, and a note number for duration. To specify a musical rest, use a zero for pitch. There is no way to change note loudness.
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VoIP services. Figure 3-8 also shows the use of a softswitch in the nextgeneration multiservice network. This architecture is expected to support SIP/ H.323-, MGCP/H.248-, and PSTN-based calls, call routing, and translation of signaling from one signaling domain to another. End users can be connected to the network via POTS phones, SIP user agents, or an H.323 terminal. These end devices can communicate with the call-control complex or softswitch (contains MGC and SG) using the SS7, SIP/H.323, or MGCP/H.248 protocol. An example of the H.248/Megaco-based call establishment between two communicating entities is shown below. In this case, the MG and MGC use the H.248/Megaco protocol.
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relationships within the SASB model, referred to as SASB predictive principles. The main predictive principles are complementarity, similarity, opposition, antithesis, and introjection, although others may be logically deduced (Schacht, 1994). It is important to note that these principles are not mutually exclusive from those anchored in the IPC model. The rst four listed can also be articulated using the IPC. Complementarity implies the very same conditions for an interpersonal situation in both models with content (i.e., differing taxa) being the point of descriptive distinction. As Kiesler (1983) noted, similarity and opposition are speci c forms of an acomplementary pattern as de ned on the IPC. Antithesis is a form of anticomplementarity from the IPC perspective, again distinctly described using the SASB lexicon. Only introjection cannot be at least partially speci ed within the IPC model. Complementarity is based on the relations between transitive and intransitive SASB surfaces; it re ects the typical transactional so-called pulls, bids, or invitations that in uence dyadic interactants. It is de ned when both members of a dyad are focused on the same person and exhibit comparable amounts of af liation and autonomy. These can be identi ed by the numbers indicating the SASB surface (1, 2, or 3) and the cluster (1 through 8) as indicated in Figure 9.2. For example, a therapist focuses on her patient and empathically communicates that she notices an emotional shift (1-2: af rm). In response, the patient focuses on himself and tells the therapist of the associated perceptions, cognitions, wishes, fears, or memories associated with his current affective state (2-2: disclose). All possible complementary positions are marked by taxa appearing in the same locations on surface one and surface two (i.e., attack-recoil, blamesulk, control-submit, protect-trust, active love-reactive love, af rm-disclose, emancipate-separate, and ignore-wall off). Like the continuous nature of the IPC, the SASB model has several versions, differing in their level of segmentalization and thus precision in terms of their descriptive taxa and predictive principles. Similarity is exhibited when an individual imitates or acts like someone else that is, they occupy the same points on the same SASB surface. Imitation, modeling, and observational learning (Bandura, 1977) are important mechanisms in social learning theories that can be described by similarity. However, similarity has a different meaning if it is exhibited by two interactants in an interpersonal situation. If two people rigidly maintain similar positions at the same time, the situation will be rather unproductive negotiation must occur for there to be much progress. A familiar example is a couple planning their weekend. If both attempt to control (demand their way), there is a power struggle. If both submit,
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The merchant or bank issues the consumer a fob. These fobs come in different sizes and shapes, and you can get them as key rings or
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Monitor-to-monitor variations
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Cancer: A Basic Primer
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Legal and Regulatory Framework
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Mesh Path Selection and Data Forwarding for Unicast
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Last, but not least, regarding dashboard design considerations is the aspect of optimal content placement and layout. (Layout is discussed in detail in the subsequent section.) The most important principle of dashboard layout is that of limiting content. Overloading a single dashboard screen with too much content may create a sense of clutter that would overwhelm the user. The most important KPIs for each user would rarely lead to an overload, but it may be tempting to create an information overload if the designer has not done enough due diligence to determine the top-priority KPIs for each user. Invariably, any good dashboard software would also allow business users to perform limited customization that would enable them to choose the KPIs that are most important for them to track, and they want those KPIs displayed on the first dashboard screen presented after login.
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log EP (X) = sup EQ (log X) D(Q||P ) ,
information world, Kryptonite discovered it is harder to hide from the truth. Everything we do, say, or represent can be veri ed or disproved easily and relatively cheaply. While Kryptonite s underestimation and lethargy was a big, public spectacle, it is also an example of a million small interactions that happen every day in business. A salesman tells one potential customer one thing in Chicago and a different lead another thing in Phoenix, believing that the information will never be compared or exchanged. You tell your boss one thing about your recent business trip, forgetting that her easy access to your expense receipts tells her something different. A job applicant exaggerates a university degree he never received, and is easily discovered by a $10 background check. Transparency the new conditions of the world that allow us to see past the medium to get to the heart of the message fundamentally changes almost every way we conduct our lives in public (and in private), demanding a new set of HOWs if we really want to thrive. To understand these changes, we must consider two types of transparency: technological and interpersonal. Technological transparency describes the ever-evolving state of the networked world, the transparency that happens to us transparency as a noun, if you will. These are the conditions that Kryptonite fell prey to. Interpersonal transparency centers on the realm of HOW we do what we do transparency as an action, as a way of being, as a verb to be transparent. This is the active transparency we bring to our interactions with others. These two forms of transparency live in a symbiotic relationship, each fueling the other synergistically. The question before us as we consider what we need to thrive in the internetworked world is: How do we conquer our fear of exposure and turn these new realities into new abilities and behaviors How can we become proactive about transparency
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Each phase has distinct goals and techniques that can be used to accomplish those goals (see Exhibit 4.3). The purpose of breaking the business process into phases is to make you look at your business process in terms of goals. For each phase, there
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