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Using a GIF Animation Editor
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Other Sound Sources
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Substitution involves taking one letter and replacing it with another letter. In order for this scheme to work, there must be a one-to-one mapping between the letters. For example, if the letter A is replaced with the letter W, for this scheme to work no other letter can be replaced with the letter W. If you ignored the one-to-one mapping requirement and set it up so that both A and B were replaced by W, the encryption stage would work fine. The letter A would be replaced with W, and the letter B would be replaced with W. During decryption, it would not be possible to determine accurately which letter you would use to replace W.
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Appendix B Electrical Diagram Schematics
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Listing 2-3: ActionScript to Change an Object
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Part VII Using Cross-Browser Dynamic HTML
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Information and Coding Theory
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financial, or other interests or relationships could reasonably be expected to (1) impair their objectivity, competence, or effectiveness in performing their functions as psychologists or (2) expose the person or organization with whom the professional relationship exists to harm or exploitation.
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