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Although the circuits presented in this chapter are both simpler and easier to build than the previous projects, even easier ways to re-program your Roomba are emerging. is working on two boards that are functionally very similar to the Basic Stamp and Arduino boards. They are: RooStamp: A carrier board for Basic Stamp 2 that interfaces to Roomba. It is Bluetooth-optional with servo ports and GPIOs exposed to the user, and it is powered by the Roomba battery. RooAVR: A high-end 16-bit Atmel AVR processor with plenty of I/Os, Bluetooth onboard, A2Ds, URART, JTAG, and servo ports, also powered by the Roomba. Both of these boards can also be powered externally if your project needs to draw more current than Roomba can supply. The RooAVR uses the same type of microcontroller as Arduino, so it should be possible to use the Arduino programming environment with it. If wiring up a microcontroller to your Roomba is not your cup of tea and you want to get started immediately making an autonomous robot, check out for these devices. But hooking up a little computer to Roomba isn t so hard really, as you ll see.
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1. A low-usage customer belonging to no plans with few calls to customer service. This customer has 100 minutes for each of day, evening and night minutes, and no international minutes. The logit g(x) = 8.07374 + 0.0134735(100) + 0.0072939(100) + 0.0042223(100) + 0.0853509(0) + 2.03548(0) 1.04356(0) + 2.67697(0) = 5.57477 The probability that customer 1 will churn is therefore (x) =
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to think that they come across the same way to everyone, but they do not. Baumeister, Hutton, and Tice (1989) studied the cognitive processes behind self-presentation. In this study, subjects were interviewed in pairs. An experimenter instructed one member of each pair to self-present in either a modest or a selfenhancing fashion. After the interview, subjects were given surprise recall tests for both their own and their partners selfpresentations, as well as for their impressions of their partners. Subjects who had been instructed to be modest and self-effacing showed impaired memory for the interaction. Apparently, acting modestly (which is an unusual way to act with strangers) causes greater cognitive load and interferes with the memory storage process during the interaction. In addition, subjects seemed unaware of the in uence they had on others (see Gilbert & Jones, 1986). Thus, for example, if John presents himself by saying highly favorable things about himself, Bill may also begin to boast. This might lead John to conclude that Bill must be rather conceited (or at least very self-con dent). In fact, Bill s self-promotion was merely a response to John s. The increase in cognitive load caused by effortful selfpresentation may explain some of the ndings of DePaulo et al. (1987). When one is concentrating on trying to make a certain impression, he or she may not be fully able to attend to how the other person is responding. After a series of interactions, people may remember merely that they tried to make roughly the same good impression on each interaction partner. However, they might not remember that the partners responded to them differently. Thus, self-presentation is not always successful because it is dif cult cognitive work. Making a good impression consumes so many resources that people nd it hard to attend to other people s responses and adjust that impression. Harmful Aspects of Self-Presentation Through various means, self-presentation can lead to health risks (Leary, Tchividjian, & Kraxberger, 1994). For example, concern about the impression one is making can lead to risky and harmful behaviors; at times, the drive to impress others can outweigh self-preservation. How does this occur Appearance concerns are a relevant example. On the one hand, people believe that having a suntan is attractive; on the other, most people have heard the warnings about skin cancer. Leary and Jones (1993) showed that the risky behaviors of sunbathing were mainly linked to concern over physical appearance and to the lack of concern about health. People sunbathe to make themselves attractive, often ignoring the physical danger involved. High-heeled and platform
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Table 28.1 Athlete Burnout Questionnaire Descriptive Statistics Available in the Extant Literature Physical / Emotional Exhaustion M (SD) 2.47 (0.83) 2.62 (0.86) 2.67 (0.57) 2.32 (0.72) Sport Devaluation M (SD) 2.02 (0.84) 2.02 (0.88) 2.00 (0.67) 2.16 (0.76) Reduced Accomplishment M (SD) 2.32 (0.74) 2.32 (0.76) 2.31 (0.55) 2.43 (0.68)
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6: Spyware
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Find and select the picture you want to insert into the document (see Figure 8-13).
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Peano et al., 2005
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TABLE 10.2
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Schema Qualifier Context Qualifier 1 Priority 0..1 *
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Feature Extraction
Once the analysis step has been completed, we are ready to restructure the results to remove redundancies and make sure the schema is complete and minimal. There are no redundancies in our integrated schema so far, but there are structures that can be combined into hierarchies. As mentioned before, Grad_Student is a subtype of Student. Although each student takes classes, only graduate students can work and get support from a department. This supertype/subtype structure is shown as a thick double-lined arrow from the subtype to the supertype in Figure 12.21. Since each subtype inherits all the attributes and relationships of its supertype, the Name attribute type only needs to be associated with Student and not directly de ned for the Grad_Student. Similarly,
CBT for Anticipatory Nausea Clinically, a negative side effect of emetogenic chemotherapy is anticipatory nausea and vomiting. From a respondent conditioning conceptualization, this occurs when previously neutral stimuli (e.g., colors and sounds associated with the treatment room) acquire nausea-eliciting properties due to repeated association with chemotherapy treatments and its negative aftereffects. Investigations conducted in the early 1980s by Burish and Lyles (1981; Lyles, Burish, Krozely, & Oldham, 1982) found progressive muscle relaxation combined with guided imagery to be effective in reducing anticipatory nausea and vomiting among samples of patients already experiencing such symptoms. Morrow and Morrell (1982) further found systematic desensitization to be another effective CBT approach for these symptoms. Further, in a subsequent study, Morrow and Morrell (1982) replicated their earlier ndings and also observed no differences in the magnitude of the effects of systematic desensitization as a function of what type of professional delivered the intervention (i.e., psychologist, nurse, or physician). Research also has indicated that conducting CBT prior to receiving chemotherapy may prevent anticipatory nausea and vomiting, as well as fostering improved posttreatment emotional well-being (Burish, Carey, Krozely, & Greco, 1987).
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