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can be achieved using a one-stage system by placing the bacon in a cold room operating at the target temperature, or, more commonly, by a two-stage system employing a blast freezer and a separate cold room to achieve equilibration (Brown et al. 2003). The amount and composition of the adipose tissue can also affect the rmness of the bacon to be sliced (Enser et al. 1984; Shackelford et al. 1990; Rentfrow et al. 2003; Teye et al. 2006), depending on the degree of unsaturation of the component fatty acids, which can vary widely. A high proportion of saturated fatty acids results in adipose tissue that is relatively rm, which, in turn, affects sliceability. Packaging Two systems are used for packing presliced bacon: vacuum packing and modi ed atmosphere packing. Various studies have shown that the cured meat pigment nitric oxide myoglobin (NOMb) is unstable when exposed to light and air. A major concern, therefore, in both pack types is to exclude oxygen, which is detrimental to the stability of the cured meat pigment. This is quite different from fresh meats, where the predominant pigment, oxymyoglobin, is favored by high oxygen concentrations. Vacuum Packing Twenty years ago, the majority of pre-sliced bacon in the UK was vacuum packed. Vacuum packing s use continues but less commonly than formerly. Packing under vacuum extracts the air, and the package collapses around the meat. Any residual oxygen is depleted by tissue respiration, and carbon dioxide is produced. The resulting pattern of microbial growth is quite different from that which occurs in air. The growth of pseudomonads is inhibited, while lactic acid bacteria dominate and can reach high numbers without causing objectionable spoilage.
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For technical reasons, the number of observations needed for the jth group, Nj, cannot be smaller than n j + 1. (The notation [s j2 /d] means that s j2 /d is computed and then rounded down to the nearest integer.) Software for applying this method can be found in Wilcox (in press). In the event the additional N j n j observations can be obtained from the jth group, exact control over both the Type I error probability and power can be achieved even when the groups have unequal variances still assuming normality. In particular, for the jth group compute
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announces its MSI value over a control channel. If a link s MSI is honored by all the neighboring links, its transmission rate and reception quality can be guaranteed. When a call request for a new link arrives at a node, according to its local measurement of interference and noise levels and MSI information of other links, the node determines whether or not it is feasible to join the network while keeping reception quality of other links. If so, the new link is admitted [16]. It can be seen that the preceding MSI-based scheme uses a kind of circuitswitching channel reservation. Each link reserves a code channel, and a new link is required not to violate the QoS of existing links. However, it may suffer a severe near-sender-blocking problem, as demonstrated in Fig. 12.1. At the beginning, there are two links, links 1 and 2, each with transmission power Pmax at the sender. Subsequently link 3 becomes active. As the sender of link 3 is close to the receiver of link 1, it may generate signi cant interference to link 1 s receiver. Thus the MSI of link 1 may be largely reduced (even to zero). Then it is very dif cult for the network to accommodate another link because of no suf cient MSI at link 1, even though links 2 and 3 have large MSIs. Further, in the MSI-based scheme, some information exchanges are needed such as the MSI values, location, and transmission power of the active links. However, it is dif cult for a link to obtain complete and updated information due to possible collisions of the exchange messages. An effective solution to address the near-sender-blocking problem is to use a temporally exclusive mechanism. As shown in Fig. 12.1, if links 1 and 3 transmit in different periods, the signi cant reduction of link 1 s MSI can be avoided. Accordingly, we propose a distributed scheme for the UWB wireless PAN with multichannel transmissions. The time frame structure and resource allocation algorithm of the proposed scheme are detailed in the following, respectively.
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11 VBA Programming Examples and Techniques
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Media Presentations
Perceived sensations
Frequency (Hz) Figure 4.9. Comparative group spectral plots of expert marksmen and novice target shooters showing greater synchrony of EEG alpha (8 to 13 Hz) and relative desynchrony of beta and gamma EEG power (14 to 44 Hz inclusive) in the experts.
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