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Figure 2.2 Iterative R&D process.
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generate, create barcodes classes none on java projects barcodes Creating the GCS Bottom Up When we use the bottom up approach to implement a GCS, each local database administrator (DBA) decides what degree of visibility and control to allow the DDBE to have. Each DBA de nes a subschema for each local database. Each subschema identi es which parts of the schema and data will be made visible to the DDBE. Each subschema (called an export schema [Sheth90]) is then integrated with the other relevant subschemas from the other local databases in the environment. This integration results in the creation of a single integrated GCS (called the uni ed schema) as implemented in DDTS [Dwyer87] or the creation of multiple uni ed schemas as implemented in Mermaid [Templeton86]. See Figure 12.2 for an example of a DDBE with multiple uni ed schemas. Developing the Software Bottom Up In the bottom up software development approach, we utilize the database management system functionality of the underlying S-DBEs (usually CDBEs) to develop software capabilities for distributed concurrency control, distributed fault tolerance, distributed commit, distributed query optimization, and distributed semantic integrity control. Any additional software functionality that we need to develop must use, or at least interface with, the capabilities that the underlying S-DBEs provide. In order to accommodate this, the bottom up architecture typically uses the local DBMS software to manage the local data. The DP for each S-DBE interfaces with the LDBMS software to run the local transactions that were delegated to it by the AP. Figure 12.3 depicts the software architecture for this approach.
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acceptability of these instances of overuse thus becomes a question which must be answered by society as a whole. As the data presented in Table 7.1 make clear, the predominant use of pumped groundwater worldwide is for agriculture, principally irrigation. The same can be said of most cases of aquifer overexploitation. In fact the advent of overexploited aquifers entirely mirrored the spread of largescale irrigation during the second half of the twentieth century. As Llamas (2003) explains: Intensive groundwater development is a [comparatively] recent development in most arid and semiarid countries. Usually, it is less than 30 40 years old. Three technological advances have facilitated this: (1) [the invention of deep-well] turbine pumps; (2) [the development of ] cheap and ef cient drilling methods, and (3) [numerous advances in] hydrogeology. [The] full costs [capital and revenue] of groundwater abstraction are usually low in comparison to the direct bene ts obtained . The rst two cases in Box 9.1 fully bear this out: irrigation is the principal reason for overabstraction, but the decision to irrigate has deep socioeconomic roots. 9.2.3 Climate change Changes in weather and climate: an eternal reality Climate change is a topic that has generated as much heat as light in many debates over the last two decades. All geologists are well aware of the falsity of the layperson s assumption that our planet has ever had a stable climate: if anything, the period of geological time in which Homo sapiens nally emerged (the Quaternary) has been characterized by more rapid and extreme uctuations in climate than most previous eras. Nevertheless, the notion that human activities are now instrumental in promoting rapid climate change in ways that are damaging to ecosystems and human wellbeing is deeply disturbing. Even so, consensus has not been attained on many key points concerning the processes, degree, and likely consequences of human-
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9 The Wonderful World of Plugins
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should not learn the maze because correct choices were followed by pain, but they learned at the same rate as other groups. While this result seemed to disprove the law of effect, its real signi cance was unappreciated because the concept of information had not yet been formulated (see below). In Tolman s time, reinforcers (and punishers) were thought of only in terms of their drive-reducing or affective properties. However, they possess informational properties, too. A reward is pleasant and may reduce hunger or thirst, but rewards typically provide information that one has made the correct choice, while punishers are unpleasant and ordinarily convey that one has made the wrong choice. Tolman s bell-rightshock group pried apart the affective and informational qualities of pain by making pain carry the information that the subject had made the right choice. Tolman showed but could not articulate that it s the informational value of behavioral consequences that cause learning, not their affective value. Nevertheless, Tolman tried to offer a cognitive theory of learning with his concept of cognitive maps (Tolman, 1948). S-R theorists viewed maze learning as acquiring a series of left-right responses triggered by the stimuli at the various choice points in the maze. Against this, Tolman proposed that animals and humans acquire a representation a mental map of the maze that guides their behavior. Tolman and his followers battled Hullians through the 1930s, 1940s, and into the 1950s, generating a mass of research ndings and theoretical argument. Although Tolman s predictions were often vindicated by experimental results, the vague nature of his theory and his attribution of thought to animals limited his theory s impact (Estes et al., 1954). Metaphysical Behaviorism Metaphysical behaviorists took a more aggressive stance toward consciousness than methodological behaviorists. They believed that scienti c psychology should explain, not shun, consciousness. Two reasons guided them. First, they wanted to achieve a comprehensive scienti c account of everything human, and since consciousness is undoubtedly something humans have, it should not be ceded to the humanities (Lashley, 1923). Second, stimuli registered only privately in a person s experience sometimes affects behavior (Skinner, 1957). If I have a headache, it exists only in my private consciousness, but it alters my behavior: I take aspirin, become irritable, and tell people I have a headache. Excluding private stimuli from psychology by methodological at would produce incomplete theories of behavior. (This is not the place to discuss the various and subtle ways metaphysical behaviorists had of explaining or dissolving consciousness. I will focus only on how such behaviorists approached learning and
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Understanding the Dynamics of Motivation in Sport and Physical Activity
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A Life Span Developmental Approach to Studying Sport and Exercise Behavior
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Text To Speech. Reads the contents of cells (useful for proofreading). Organization Chart. Contains tools to customize organization charts. Protection. Contains tools to help you with various types of protection. Diagram. Contains tools for manipulating diagrams created with the Insert Diagram
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After you create each movie for the site, you create the ActionScript that loads each movie into the target movie clip. The ActionScript you create will load the ceo.jpg into the target movie clip. The script executes when the user releases the mouse button after clicking the CEO button.
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