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Table 9.2 Meaning of the technology aspects for modelling the business Key features (innovativeness, functionality) Adaptation to user preferences either automatically or based on user control
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Note the separate SOAP and payload namespaces and the HTTP Content-Type header in Figure 14.13. Now let s look at the response to the RPC request (Fig. 14.14). This response contains a return value for the RPC, along with two output parameters. The name of the response struct is not strictly de ned; however, appending the string Response to the method name is part of the SOAP 1.1 speci cation. An absent result element indicates that the there is no return value (it is of type void).
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Conceptual diagram for PPE approach.
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Thermal instability can occur in heterojunction bipolar transistors due to the thermal response associated with increase in temperature [38 41]. In a silicon bipolar transistor, as a transistor collector-to-emitter voltage increases and as self-heating occurs, avalanche multiplication increases and the forward bias emitter voltage decreases; this leads to increase in the collector current. But, given the thermal response of a device, such as a heterojunction bipolar transistor, is different, the collector current can decrease with the increase in the collector-to-emitter voltage associated with a phenomenon called emitter collapse. In the case of a multiple emitter nger structure, given nonuniformities in the temperature eld, one emitter nger may current rob from the other emitter ngers, which has the response of decreased. Given a multi nger implementation, the collector current through any emitter (e.g., jth emitter) can be expressed as a function of the thermal electrical feedback coef cient, f [41], & ' i q h VBE j f Tj TA IC j ICO j exp nkT From this expression, the forward bias state of jth emitter can be shown as " # IC j nkTA ln VBE j f Tj T A ICO q The local temperature can be solved from the relationship of temperature to power. The temperature in the emitter can be expressed in tensor form as Tj TA yjk Pk where Pk IC VCE k
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There are actually more header entries in a routing table, but the significant portions are shown in the slide. From this table, we know that networks and are directly connected to this router. Network is assigned to port 1 of the router and is directly attached to port 2. It is running the RIP protocol, and xxx indicates how long the route has before it is deleted from the table.
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The Overt executable file must compile in the routine 'exe_marker.c' in order to save the space in the exe file to hide the covert data. When this module is compiled in, there is enough space in the exe file to hold the covert data. The substitution of the covert data into the compiled exe_marker.c module does not effect the performance of the executable.
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