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Determining whether a range is contained in another range
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unable to recognize or to express in direct communication (Rohde, 1946, p. 170). The Rohde Sentence Completion Test served as a model for many similar instruments developed subsequently, and, as described by Rohde (1948), use of those that were available during the 1940s was stimulated by the impact of World War II. It has already been noted that the impetus for designing performance-based personality assessment instruments was largely intellectual curiosity rather than civilian or military needs, and such was the case with sentence completion tests. However, as a brief selfadministered measure that provided relatively unstructured assessment of personality characteristics, the sentence completion was found to be extremely helpful in evaluating and planning treatment for the vast number of psychological casualties seen in military installations during the war and cared for in its aftermath in Veterans Administrations Hospitals. For many years, the best known and most widely used sentence completion has been the Rotter Incomplete Sentences Blank (RISB), which was developed by Julian Rotter in the late 1940s and rst published in 1950, and for which adult, college, and high school forms are available (Rotter, Lah, & Rafferty, 1992). The authors provide a scoring system for the RISB that yields an overall adjustment score, but in practice the instrument is most commonly interpreted by the inspection method that characterizes the typical application of picture-story and gure-drawing instruments; that is, examiners read the content of the items and form impressions of what respondents completions might signify concerning their personality characteristics. Beyond published studies demonstrating modest validity of the RISB as a measure of adjustment, there has been little accumulation of empirical evidence to support inferring any speci c personality characteristics from it, nor has there been much progress in documenting the reliability of RISB ndings and establishing normative standards for them. Interview Methods As elaborated in Volume 10 of this Handbook, psychological assessment is a data-gathering process that involves integrating information gleaned not only from the types of tests discussed thus far, but also from interview methods, behavioral observations, collateral reports, and historical documents. Of these, interviewing and observing people are the most widely used assessment methods for attempting to learn something about them. Although being discussed here in relation to identifying personality characteristics and psychopathology, interview methods are also commonly employed in assessing intellectual and neuropsychological functioning and aptitudes, achievement, and interests. Unlike psychological
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instrument can be greatly enhanced by the use of discriminant validity correlations as parameters in item selection. In doing so, the greatest potential threats to discriminant validity of the scale should be considered, and the correlations of potential items with indicators of these discriminant constructs be determined. Items should be related to the other indicators of the parent construct (i.e., convergent validity) to a greater extent than to any other construct. It should be assumed that an item that demonstrates sizable correlations with measures of other constructs will have discrimination problems. Thus, items are candidates for deletion if they demonstrate greater correlation with other scales than with their own scales, or if they are highly correlated with a number of other scales in addition to their own. Jackson s (1971) differential reliability index, described earlier, provides a useful metric for making this discriminative evaluation; however, rather than comparing the corrected item-total correlation to a correlation with an indicator of social desirability, in this index the latter is replaced by correlations with other potential threats to discriminant validity. Item Bias Analyses One particularly important threat to test validity is the possibility that some demographic feature may serve as a moderator of test validity. Such a situation can lead to applications of the test that may be biased in some manner. Often, a rst step in evaluating this possibility is to look for signi cant demographic differences in item endorsement. For example, mean endorsement frequencies for items can be examined to determine whether large disparities exist as a function of gender, race, or age. However, it is important to point out that different endorsement rates are neither suf cient nor necessary evidence of item bias. Items can be biased with equivalent endorsement rates between groups, and they can also be unbiased where observed item differences are indicative of actual group differences on the construct. It is not necessary in all instances to equate mean values across demographic features, because certain characteristics are in fact associated with such variables. For example, it is well established that antisocial personality is more frequently observed in men than in women, and also more common in younger than in older patients as a result, attempting to equate mean scores of these groups would not yield results re ecting the true nature of the disorder. However, in the absence of well-established demographic relationships for a construct, items with no demographic differences are preferable over those with discernible differences. Rather than focus upon endorsement frequency of an item, efforts should be directed at insuring that items are equally
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Note that MythTV UI themes and OSD themes are generally all (or are supposed to be) written without any definite font sizes specified, only small, medium, and big, so armed with the preceding locations, you should be able to alter any onscreen fonts to your liking without diving into any text files. However, it s possible you might find yourself diving into a theme s configuration file(s) to make slight changes to move an element around a little or possibly adjust a hard-coded font size. Within each theme s directory, you should find one or more .xml files, text files that define the layout for all the theme s elements. If you think that font sizes don t display at the proper size, it s possible that your X server isn t properly determining the actual size of your display. Measure the size of your display (in millimeters) and then compare your measurements with the output of the command xdpyinfo, which should include something like the following amid its output:
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Theoretical Frameworks in Exercise Psychology
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Three Universal Polarities of Evolution
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