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IMG.icon { padding: 20px; /* float: left; */ } IMG.icon2 { padding: 20px; float: right; } P { clear: left; }
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//############# hide5ws() ###################### int hide5ws(char *pstr) { int i; int done; int read_cnt; int str_index; char achar; // one character buffer char *achar_ptr; // pointer to achar achar_ptr = &achar; str_index = 0; done = FALSE; read_cnt = 0; while(done==FALSE) { read_cnt = fread( achar_ptr, sizeof(char), 1, overtStream ); if( read_cnt < 1 ) { printf( Error - Overt file too small.\n );
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networks attached to it. An MOSPF router ignores reports for those networks not elected the DR. Any responses (IGMP reports) received from the networks builds entries based on groups, in the database. A group address (member) in this database will be deleted when the DR does not receive a report from that member. In a multicast environment, it is very important that the DR is a multicast-enabled router. Having the DR become the querier prevents unnecessary replication of packets. This prevents multicast datagrams from being replicated as they are delivered to localgroup members. This allows for different entries in the local-group database for the DRs in the autonomous system, which means that each router in the autonomous system has a different local-group database. However, the MOSPF link-state database and the datagram shortest-path trees are identical in each router belonging to the autonomous system. The backup designated router (BDR) performs the same functions as the DR. It does not send out a query, but it processes the IGMP reports (host responses) so that it will
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Figure 4-12. Call-accounting module.
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9 Working with VBA Sub Procedures
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Total session time No. of sessions
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Patients, insurance carriers, psychologists, and other interested parties (i.e., significant others of patients, school personnel, courts) frequently ask important questions about the usefulness of psychotherapy. For example: Are the time, expense, and effort of psychotherapy warranted by its results Are people likely to be better off after psychotherapy than before What are the expected benefits of psychotherapy Unfortunately, such questions are difficult to answer and may vary from individual to individual and treatment to treatment. Psychotherapy is a highly personalized experience that is impacted by the skills, interest,
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TIP: BOGUS NMCUSTOMDRAW RC MEMBER I have never seen a case where an NM_CUSTOMDRAW notification is sent by a control and the NMCUSTOMDRAW rc member had anything but garbage data in it. When implementing responses to custom draw notifications, it is more reliable to get the control s bounding rectangle yourself with a call to GetClientRect.
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