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where once again we use 80% overbalancing. The results from the combined models may be a bit surprising, since one combination method, mailing a promotion only if at least two models predict response, has outperformed all of the individual classi cation models, with a mean overall pro t per customer of about $3.16. This represents the synergy of the combination model approach, where the combination of the models is in a sense greater than the sum of its parts. Here, the greatest pro t is obtained when at least two models agree on sending a promotion to a potential recipient. The voting method of combining models has provided us with better results than we could have obtained from any of the individual models.
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In this case we can clearly see the duality between data compression and the doubling rate. Theorem 6.1.3 (Conservation theorem) For uniform fair odds, (6.20)
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read_cnt_sum = 0; while(done==FALSE) { read_cnt = fread( buffer, sizeof(char), BIGBUF, covertStream ); read_cnt_sum += read_cnt; if( read_cnt < BIGBUF ) { done = TRUE; } //if if( read_cnt_sum == 0xFFFFFFFF ) { printf( Error - Covert file too large.\n ); printf( Limit file to 0xFFFFFFFF.\n ); exit(0); } //if } //while rewind( covertStream ); return read_cnt_sum; } //covert_count() //############ copyRemainingOvert() ############# int copyRemainingOvert(void) { int done; int read_cnt; char buffer[BIGBUF]; char *pbuffer; // pointer to buffer pbuffer = buffer; done = FALSE; while(done==FALSE) { read_cnt = fread( pbuffer, sizeof(char), BIGBUF, overtStream ); fwrite( pbuffer, sizeof(char), read_cnt, overt2Stream ); if(read_cnt < BIGBUF) done = TRUE; } //while return SUCCESS; // success } //copyRemainingOvert()
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5: Configuring Your Wireless Card
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A window opens. Inside, double-click the folder with the strange, long name that looks something like this: {DA1BA02A-D3AE-4E46A32C-EF70486F8D28}. Double-click the Microsoft folder. Double-click the Outlook Express folder. Inside are all of the special dbx les that store your e-mail. Click the Edit drop-down menu located at the top of this folder. Click Select All. This highlights all of the dbx les. Again, click the Edit drop-down menu. Click Cut. Go to a folder like My Documents, and then create a new folder. a. Click the File drop-down menu. b. Select New. c. Click Folder. d. A new folder appears. Rename it something like Outlook Express DBX Files. e. Double-click the new folder to open it. f. Inside the folder, right-click the empty space and select Paste. All of your dbx les are transferred from their old location to this new one.
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Figure 26.13 Up-links: simulation and mathematical model.
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We have terminated this network in its characteristic impedance (Z0 ). Let us assume for this example that it is 600 Q . How well does the network s output port match its characteristic impedance Return loss tells us this. Using the notation in the preceding example, return loss is expressed by the following formula: Return lossdB
The Evolutionary Model and Personality Dimensions
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