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All of the concepts presented in this chapter are pulled together in the sample application, CMDBAR.EXE. Complete source code for this application is included on the companion CD under the directory \Samples\cmdbar. The command bar button bitmap file and all of the project files needed to build the application are included there as well.
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taining higher levels of unsaturated fatty acid is not suitable because of its softness and because of its tendency to oxidate rapidly (i.e., become rancid). When products are manufactured by means of technology that produces extended shelf life (dry sausage), this kind of effort (use of meat and fat with high PUFA ratio) to make health food cannot be justi ed anyway, because of the rapid inactivation of the good fat. Mostly pork and/or beef, lamb, poultry, goat, camel, horse, and game are used in these sausages, depending on historical, ethnic, and religious traditions (Santchurn and Collignan 2007; Vural and zvural 2007). Pork meat and fat is not used in sausages that meet Islamic and Kosher rules. It is generally accepted that the drying speed of pork is lower than that of beef or lamb, partly because of its higher marbling properties, which make the drying of dry sausage made from pork less risky (case hardening) than that of sausage made entirely from beef. The microbial quality of poultry and game has to be controlled very thoroughly (mainly for salmonellae, listeriae, EHEC, and parasites), in order to keep the safety risk as low as possible. Low-temperature freezing ( 18 C and below) for several days to several weeks, depending on the temperature, can be a useful weapon against parasites.
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skipped and CCI is eliminated. Figure 7.7 gives an example. Suppose that f(k + 3) falls into the WLAN band, the master knows this and chooses to transmit a three-slot packet instead of a single-slot packet, so that transmission on frequency f(k + 3) is avoided. This method works on the condition that enough data are buffered for transmission. If there is not enough data, the transmission that causes CCI can be postponed. By taking advantage of the variety of packet lengths and scheduling a packet with proper duration, collision is avoided. According to the FCC regulation, the average occupation time of any frequency should not be greater than a threshold. Sometimes, an intelligent schedule is required to use some of the bad frequencies while maximizing the usage of all the good frequencies. Performance results in [18] show that OLA greatly improves the system throughput. V-OLA PT causes more delay for WLAN than V-OLA ST does, while D-OLA does not cause much delay for Bluetooth. When operating in the case that interfering devices are collocated in the same physical unit, collaborative methods such as META outperforms OLA. With noncolocated interfering devices, OLA outperforms META. The OLA scheme only requires a minor change on the Bluetooth standard and the 802.11 speci cation. It not only avoids overlap between Bluetooth and WLAN but also copes with interference from microwave ovens, which also operates at the 2.4-GHz band.
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