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with aij = ai+k,j +k and aij = aji for all i, j, k, is a symmetric Toeplitz matrix. (See also Toep/itz matrix.)
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There is a serious discrepancy between the on-line documentation and the reality of creating any of the Windows CE common controls covered in this chapter. The documentation states that applications can create these controls by loading COMMCTRL.DLL with InitCommonControls, and then calling CreateWindow or CreateWindowEx with the appropriate control window class name. Alternatively, the documentation states, an application can load just the control classes it needs with InitCommonControlsEx, and then proceed with CreateWindow or CreateWindowEx. It turns out that you must use the latter method with either CreateWindow or CreateWindowEx. For example, I tried the following: #include <commctrl.h> HWND hwndMonth; InitCommonControls(); //Code to create main application window, etc, removed hwndMonth = CreateWindowEx(0, MONTHCAL_CLASS,...); To my surprise, hwndMonth was NULL after the CreateWindowEx call executed. To try and figure out what was going on, I put a call to GetLastError right after creating the control and got back error code 1407, which stands for ERROR_CANNOT_FIND_WND_CLASS. This can only mean that InitCommonControls in fact does not register the window class for the month calendar control. This error also occurred for other common control classes covered in this chapter. When doing the following, however, everything worked as expected: #include <commctrl.h> HWND hwndMonth; INITCOMMONCONTROLSEX icex; icex.dwSize = sizeof(icex); icex.dwICC = ICC_DATE_CLASSES; InitCommonControlsEx(&icex); hwndMonth = CreateWindowEx(0, MONTHCAL_CLASS,...);
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Required Forbidden Empty id = "name" (OPTIONAL) size = "CDATA" (OPTIONAL) color = "color" (OPTIONAL) face = "CDATA" (OPTIONAL) class = "name" (OPTIONAL) lang = "language" (OPTIONAL) dir = (rtl, ltr) (OPTIONAL) style = "style" (OPTIONAL) title = "name" (OPTIONAL)
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enormously popular within graduate training programs (Norcross et al., 2002). In addition to standard training in general clinical psychology, these psychologists obtain in-depth training in developmental psychology and child assessment (e.g., behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, and motor developmental delays) and treatment (e.g., play therapy, group therapy, parent consultation). They commonly work in community mental health clinics, child guidance clinics, schools, children s hospitals, and in private practices. Child clinical psychologists may work with children who have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse or who experience attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorders, autism, enuresis (bed wetting), learning disabilities, serious illness, school phobia, posttraumatic stress disorder, or a host of other emotional, behavioral, or medical problems. These psychologists may provide consultation to teachers, school counselors, pediatricians, day care workers, parents, and others. They may assist teachers in classroom behavior management or parents in developing better parenting skills. Pediatric psychologists are child clinical psychologists who generally work with children and families in hospital settings where the child has a significant medical disorder (R. Brown, 2003). These medical problems might include cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and neurological disorders and disabilities. The pediatric psychologist might offer pain management strategies to a child while helping the family cope more effectively with and locate community resources. He may act as a consultant to various medical units and departments to help physicians, nurses, and others deal with the emotional and behavioral consequences of severe medical illnesses in children. For example, a pediatric psychologist might consult with a physician about an adolescent with diabetes who refuses to monitor his or her blood sugar level due to concerns
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sive therapy). Although there are exceptions, psychiatric training generally focuses on clinical diagnoses and treatment of major psychopathology (i.e., affective or mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder, and psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia). Training in general human behavior and research is usually minimal. Relative to other mental health disciplines, there are a variety of pros and cons to being a psychiatrist. Advantages include several factors. First, as physicians, psychiatrists have extensive training in the biological basis of behavior and behavioral problems. They are able to use this expertise to understand and treat a wide range of medical and psychiatric problems. Psychiatrists have superior knowledge of medical aspects of certain disorders, and have been trained to take a leadership role vis- -vis these patients. Thus, they can prescribe medication and other biological treatments for their patients, whereas other clinicians must refer patients to an MD if medication or other biological interventions are indicated. However, efforts endorsed by the APA are under way to enable psychologists with specialized training to prescribe medication (Beutler, 2002; Smyer et al., 1993). Second, psychiatrists have a much higher earning potential than any other mental health professional. Starting salaries typically are around $100,000 with average salaries about $150,000 depending on the work setting (Kanapaux, 2003). In comparison, the average salary for practicing psychologists is $80,000 (Kanapaux, 2003). Third, as physicians, psychiatrists generally hold greater status and positions of greater authority, especially in hospital or other medical settings. Higher salaries and prestige are due to the costs and competitiveness of medical education as well as society s admiration of physicians in general. There are several important disadvantages to becoming a psychiatrist. First, the costs
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In this chapter, an online evolving neuro-fuzzy recurrent network (ENFRN) is proposed. The network is capable of perceiving the change in the actual system and adapting (self-organizing) itself to the new situation. Both structure and parameters learning take place at the same time. The network generates a new hidden neuron if the smallest distance between the new data and all the existing hidden neurons (the winner neuron) is more than a prede ned radius. A new pruning algorithm based on the population density is proposed. Population density is the number of times each hidden neuron is used. If the value of the smallest density (the looser neuron) is smaller than a prespeci ed threshold, this neuron is pruned. It is proposed to use a modi ed leastsquares algorithm to train the parameters of the network. The major contributions of this chapter are: (1) The stability of the algorithm of the proposed evolving neuro-fuzzy recurrent network was proven; and (2) the bound of the average identi cation error was found. Three examples are provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the suggested algorithm based on simulations.
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KeepDynamic.com/barcode data matrix Mesh Path Selection. The pseudocode given in Fig. 17.4 describes how to select the mesh path for data forwarding. When multiple neighbors are available for selection (see lines 11 and 32 in the pseudocode) and there are no other cost metrics indicating one neighbor is preferred over another, a node can randomly select one neighbor for load-balancing purpose. However, to mitigate out of order problems, a node should stick to one neighbor for a while once the neighbor is selected (rather than randomly select one neighbor each time). If no next hop can be found due to route failures, a ring search should be performed. Ring search can be done by exchanging hello messages as in the link state generation stage, but with a larger TTL. Reliability. Data forwarding supported by this recommended practice is not end-to-end reliable, i.e., acknowledgment from destination to source is not supported. When acknowledgment is requested in the TxOptions eld, the MAC layer reliable mechanism will be used to achieve hop-by-hop reliability. To ensure the request of acknowledgment to be executed by each of the next hops, the request is carried by the mesh layer frame all the way to the destination header.
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Let s consider a more complicated example, in which we will apply a series of horizontal and vertical (hybrid) fragmentation to the table EMP(eno, name, sal, tax, mgr, dno). This fragmentation approach fragments the EMP table into four fragments called EMP1, EMP2, EMP3, and EMP4 as shown in Figure 2.35.
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