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Click the Back button at the left side of the information bar at the top of the Stage. Choose Edit > Edit Document.
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the language used by several different DBE implementations all of which are based on hierarchical data storage structures. In some respects, there are parallels between the HDM and the object-oriented data model (OODM), which is not surprising since the OODM often uses inheritance hierarchies. However, the HDM was not created for OO purposes. The HDM was developed to represent the hierarchical relationships between data that occur naturally in the real world without the additional considerations that the OODM de nes. For example, the HDM is well suited to capture data representing corporate structures (who works for whom) and taxonomic classi cation schemes (class, species, subspecies, etc.).
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I collect mechanical wristwatches. It s a hobby. I nd them very beautiful, a profound expression of our desire to order the world around us, and objects that embody the deep tradition of man striving for perfection, to make many small and intricate parts operate as a constant whole. If you ask me the time, however, I usually reach into my pocket and pull out my cell phone. It is in continual contact with an atomic timeserver and is the most accurate information I can put my hands on. I m the CEO of my company, the ultimate leader there, if you will. If I show up late to a meeting, can the people waiting for me there nd out the time Of course they can. Metaphorically, leaders don t show up and tell you perfect time; as James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras told us so brilliantly in Built to Last, leaders build clocks that keep telling the time whether they are there or not.5 If landing on the moon depended on JFK, what would have happened when he was tragically assassinated Leaders are not superheroes; they build succession and continuity into everything that they do. They don t build anything that depends on a single person to show up and tell perfect time. This idea is one of the most central and powerful ideas in the Leadership Framework, and the one most often underestimated. I think it is because saying the world doesn t need heroes contradicts most of our experience. Business often calls on us to be heroic, to go the extra
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Range( B1 ).Formula = =IF(A1= Yes ,TRUE,FALSE)
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Using Flash MX ActionScript with older versions of Flash
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A spreadsheet program lends itself extremely well to performing the calculations for each of the equations or formulas discussed in this chapter. For example, the breakeven equation has to be entered only once into the program; for each given level of fixed and variable costs, the breakeven sales level can then be calculated, as can the total revenue required to achieve a desired profit. The results of one department can also be combined with those of others to indicate the effect on the overall net income of the operation. For example, if each additional occupied room generated an extra $20 of food and beverage sales, this can be built into the spreadsheet program. Spreadsheet programs also have a graphics capability, which some managers often find more helpful than numbers alone.
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reap any advantages from practice and training such as efficiency of neural networks. CONCLUSION The present review began with the theme of economy of effort as a marker of superior psychomotor performance. The study by Haufler et al. (2000) offered powerful evidence for this phenomenon by contrasting the EEG spectral content during rif le marksmanship in experts versus novices. In line with the position advanced by Sterman and Mann (1995), in which EEG alpha is inversely related to cognitive load, experts showed remarkably reduced cerebral cortical activation relative to the novices. Such a finding of reduced cognitive load is consistent with the decreased cerebral metabolic profiles (using PET) associated with skill learning as reported by Haier et al. (1992). Furthermore, there seems to be a degree of specificity, in that this effect is largely related to reduced activation in cortical association areas that are nonspecific to the visuospatial task demands. For example, several authors have reported relative synchrony in the left temporal area during target shooting in high-skill performers and relative activation in the right posterior regions, which seems logical in those who have reached the stage of automaticity. Smith et al. (1999) showed a similar effect during the playing of a video game (Space Fortress) such that EEG alpha synchrony was noted in the left hemisphere during the visual-spatial challenge, whereas right posterior parietal activity was characterized by relative desynchrony or activation. In this regard, the participants seem to be characterized by specific allocation of neural resources to the task demands; that is, experience with the task results in an appropriate fit of neural resources to demand and a reduction in irrelevant processing. Such a process seems entirely consistent (albeit much more complex) with the concept of specific adaptation to imposed demand evidenced in other physiological systems and is essential to the process of focused attention, adaptive cognitive motor behavior, and high-quality motor performance. In addition to conceptual models of cortical function in skilled performers, a number of technical advances may help to clarify the manner in which the cerebral cortex orchestrates superior motor performance. In particular, the sport performance EEG research has typically employed few electrode sites, although dense electrode arrays consisting of 32, 64, 128, or 256 sites allow for greater spatial resolution and dipole or source localization. Such spatial resolution along with the superior temporal resolution of EEG allows for a powerful measurement tool to assess
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Mood Measurement: Current Status and Future Directions
#!/usr/bin/perl # # Post Delicious Links to MovableType with XPath # (MT installed on local machine) # # Jeffrey Veen # jeff at veen dot com # # 10 December 2003 # # Distributed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. # http://creativecommons.org/licenses/sa/1.0/ # ### # load modules use use use use use POSIX; lib /path/to/your/mt/lib ; # change to your installation MT; MT::Entry; XML::XPath;
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Figure 7.6 Distribution of percentage spent on blouses.
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