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Table 21.2
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The GSM Networks
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algorithm. In particular, for 20 connections, the iterative algorithm requires 0.01 s, while the optimal algorithm requires 1.5 s. End-to-End Performance. We evaluate the end-to-end performance (i.e., transmission rate) of a connection for the proposed distributed subchannel allocation algorithm. Also, we compare the performance of the proposed distributed scheme with that of a globally optimal subchannel allocation scheme. For this, we formulate an optimization problem to maximize the end-to-end performance based on (21.2) as follows: Maximize: X
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Apple describes Automator as acting like a robot inside your computer. The Automator icon shows that robot (see Figure 13-2), who somewhat resembles Marvin the paranoid android from The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy. Note also that the robot is carrying a tube that looks alarmingly like a rocket launcher. But don t worry: The tube is meant to simulate the way information flows through Automator, not to direct any weapons.
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Figure 4.5 What makes this image unique is what you cannot see by looking at the image. Even though a watermark has been applied, there is no visible sign.
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mismatch between the optimal modulation for each tone (i.e., that chosen by the nonclustered loading algorithm) and the xed modulation chosen for the cluster. The higher average mismatch on CM3 results in lower performance when clustered loading is applied. Simulation Results. We next consider the Turbo and RA coding schemes. Figure 11.14 (markers) shows the simulation results for Turbo and RA codes on channel CM1 with perfect CSI, as well as the convolutional code results for comparison. We also show the corresponding 10% outage capacity and cutoff rate curves. Turbo codes give a performance gain of up to 5 dB over convolutional codes and perform within 2.5 dB of the channel capacity, depending on the rate. At rates of 0.25 and 0.50 bit/symbol, Turbo code interleaver sizes compatible with the channel interleaver design of MB-OFDM (the std points) incur a performance penalty of 1 2 dB compared with the longer block length (K = 600) points. Repeat-accumulate codes have a performance roughly 1 dB worse than the long-block-length Turbo codes, but the RA codes are both (a) compatible with the MB-OFDM channel interleaver and
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The macro recorder is an extremely useful tool, but it s important to remember the following points: The macro recorder is appropriate only for simple macros or for recording a small part of a more complex macro. The macro recorder cannot generate code that performs looping (that is, repeating statements), assigns variables, executes statements conditionally, displays dialog boxes, and so on. The code that is generated depends on certain settings that you specify. You ll often want to clean up the recorded code to remove extraneous commands.
To change the start and end points of a sound, drag the Time In and Time Out controls in the
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