Highlights of Theodore Millon s Career in .NET

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The final topic in this chapter demonstrates how to use VBA code to create UserForms at runtime. I present two examples: One is relatively simple and the other is quite a bit more complex.
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It is easy to see that equation (4.24) implies
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Information collected from large-scale national and international surveys, such as the multiyear quality of employment surveys rst initiated in 1969 (Quinn & Staines, 1978) and the 1985 National Health Interview Survey (Shilling & Brackbill, 1987), as well as epidemiological studies conducted through the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH; Caplan, Cobb, French, Harrison, & Pinneau, 1975), prompted the recognition of psychosocial risk factors as among the leading causes of occupational illness and injury (Sauter & Hurrell, 1999). Similar lines of research placed psychological disorders among the top ten illnesses associated with job-related causes, including stress and other psychosocial hazards. (Millar, 1984; Sauter et al., 1990). The processes associated with, and the importance of, assessment and evaluation arise from clinical and organizational psychology and organization development. While epidemiological data can be used to estimate problems in the
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<MTImageInfo image= images/cute_kitten.jpg >
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The bottom level of psychoanalytic language centers on the experience-near discourse that characterizes therapistpatient exchanges within an analytic session. Less formal than Mayman s (1976) middle-level language, this experiencenear discourse is intended to frame psychoanalytic concepts in a way that resonates with a patient s personal experience without requiring that he or she have any understanding of psychoanalytic metapsychology. When an analyst discusses a patient s aggressive impulses or sibling rivalry, that analyst has translated an abstract concept into experience-near terms. Thus, like most personality theorists, psychoanalysts today conceptualize mental structures and processes on several levels simultaneously. Unfortunately, it has taken psychoanalytic psychologists a long time to develop an experience-near language for day-to-day work longer perhaps than it has taken psychologists in other areas. On the positive side, however, in recent years psychoanalytic theorists have addressed this issue more openly and systematically than have theorists from other theoretical backgrounds (e.g., see Horowitz, 1991; Kahn & Rachman, 2000). Personality Stability and Change The parallel conceptualization of psychoanalytic concepts in relational terms introduced a fundamentally new paradigm for thinking about continuity and change in personality development and dynamics. In addition to being understood in terms of a dynamic balance among id, ego, and superego, stability in personality was now seen as stemming from continuity in the core features of key object representations (including the self-representation; see Blatt, 1991; Bornstein, 1996). In this context, personality change was presumed to occur in part because internalized representations of self and other people changed as a result of ongoing inter- and intrapersonal experiences (Schafer, 1999). This alternative framework in uenced psychoanalytic theories of normal personality development and led to a plethora of studies examining the intrapsychic processes involved in therapeutic resistance, transference, and cure (Blatt & Ford, 1994; Luborsky & Crits-Christoph, 1990). It also called theorists attention to the critical importance of present-day experiences in moderating long-term psychodynamic processes. One important consequence of newfound concepts of personality stability and change was a continuing shift from past to present in the study of psychodynamics (Spence, 1982). Insight, Awareness, and Coping As noted earlier, a key tenet of all psychodynamic models is that unconscious processes are primary determinants of thought, emotion, motivation, and behavior. To the degree that
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As I noted in the previous section, Chart events are automatically enabled for chart sheets, but not for charts embedded in a worksheet. To use events with an embedded chart, you need to perform the following steps:
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are, might adopt external messages to increase selfacceptance, boost esteem, or gain a sense of identity (Stice, 1994). Second, athletes who believe that they have little control over themselves and their lives may look to external sources to define their beliefs and values. Third, athletes who perceive themselves as not being as independent or assertive as they would like (i.e., low in instrumental characteristics) may be less able to sufficiently counter messages from external sources and thus more likely to adopt them as their own. In all of these situations, athletes would be more likely to internalize societal and sport-specific messages, such as (a) body size or shape is central in determining one s physical attractiveness, sport performance, and overall success; ( b) one s desired body size or shape is achieved by engaging in specific behaviors (e.g., excessive exercise, strength training, restricting food intake); and (c) physical attractiveness is the key factor in determining one s overall worth. In addition, repeated exposure to general and sport-specific messages that one s body is not ideal would increase the likelihood that athletes, particularly those with low self-esteem, a poor selfconcept, an external locus of control, and few instrumental qualities, would develop a sense of their body as inadequate, worthless, or shameful. Because research also has shown that low self-esteem (Mintz & Betz, 1988; Petrie, 1993), undeveloped self-concept (e.g., Jacobi et al., 2004), an external locus of control (Rogers & Petrie, 2001), and a lack of instrumental qualities (Johnson & Petrie, 1995, 1996) are related to disordered eating attitudes and behaviors, we suggest that these variables be investigated as potential moderators in the relationship between general and sport-specific pressures and internalization and body dissatisfaction. Internalization of the Thin Ideal Most men and women cannot shape their bodies, through normal diet or exercise, to match their respective societal ideals (Brownell, 1991; Pope et al., 1997). Thus, individuals who have internalized these unattainable ideal body shapes and have made physical appearance a central part of their self-evaluation will perceive a discrepancy between what they really look like and what they would ideally like to be. In other words, they will compare their body size and shape to this ideal referent ( be it based on societal or sport prescriptions) and, for many, find themselves lacking. When this discrepancy is large enough, they will become dissatisfied (even disgusted) with their current physical appearance and, ultimately, change their behaviors (e.g., diet, exercise) in hopes of altering their body.
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2 w1 = (t11 ) 2 Est[var(t1y )] + (t12 ) 2 Est[var(t2y )] + 2{t11 t12 Est[cov(t1y , t2y )]}.
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