The Role of Common Factors in Domain-Focused Psychotherapy in .NET

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24 Other IP Related Protocols
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Social In uence and Group Dynamics
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Because procedures contained in an add-in don t appear in the Macro dialog box, you must provide other means to access them. Your choices include direct methods, such as shortcut keys, custom menus, and custom toolbars, as well as indirect methods, such as event-handlers. One such candidate, for example, may be the OnTime method, which executes a procedure at a specific time of day. You can use the Run method of the Application object to execute a procedure in an add-in. For example,
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trait Self-Handicapping Scale (Jones & Rhodewalt, 1982) have been shown to correlate negatively with levels of team cohesion (Carron, Prapavessis, & Grove, 1994), practice effort (Rhodewalt, Saltzman, & Wittmer, 1984), and global self-esteem (Prapavessis & Grove, 1998) and to correlate positively with impression management concerns (Hudson, Williams, & Stacey, 1998), precompetitive state anxiety (Ryska, Yin, & Cooley, 1998), mood states (Prapavessis & Grove, 1994), and the use of emotion-oriented coping strategies (Prapavessis, Grove, Maddison, & Zillmann, 2003). Field studies and controlled experiments have examined factors associated with the use of self-handicaps prior to competitive or evaluated events. These factors include lower self-efficacy and self-esteem (Martin & Brawley, 2002), high perceived event importance (Rhodewalt et al., 1984), and elevated competitive state anxiety (Ryska at al., 1998). It is not clear, however, what effects (if any) selfhandicapping has on athletic performance. In the only study to examine this issue, self-handicapping had a positive impact on running performance among children in a physical education class who had relatively low selfconfidence, but not children with high self-confidence (Ryska, 2002). With regard to second-generation studies, some experiments have looked at variables that moderate selfhandicapping. For example, Rhodewalt et al. (1984) found that high levels of trait self-handicapping were related to reduced practice effort and attendance among competitive golfers, but only when an upcoming competitive event was perceived as important. Other second-generation studies have shown that self-handicaps are most likely to occur in competitive situations when athletes expect their performance to be compared with others (Coudevylle & Famose, 2005; Thill & Cury, 2000). For example, in an experiment couched in achievement motivation theory, experienced basketball players performed an evaluated basketball drill either in a private mastery climate that emphasized personal accomplishments and improvements, or a public performance climate that emphasized competition and performance social comparisons (Coudevylle & Famose, 2005). Prior to performing the drill, players were given the opportunity to take as many practice shots as they desired and to indicate any possible performance impediments. Analyses indicated that players in the performance climate took significantly fewer practice shots (a behavioral selfhandicapping strategy) and listed significantly more performance impediments (a claimed self-handicapping strategy) than players in the mastery climate. These effects were moderated by sex; compared to women, men were more
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Domain Name Service (DNS)
Factors Over Which We Have Limited Control
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