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TABLE 21.1 Adjusted Odds Ratios of Performing At or Below the 25th Percentile on the Framingham Neuropsychological Test Measurements (covariates included education, occupation, gender, alcohol consumption, previous history of cardiovascular disease, and antihypertensive treatment) Neuropsychological Test Composite score Learning and memory Similarities Attention/concentration Type II Diabetes (per 5 years) 1.21 1.22 1.19 1.00 Diastolic BP (per 10 mm HG) 1.30 1.25 1.01 1.15 Cigarettes/day (per 5 cigs.) 1.04 1.03 1.09 0.98 Age in Years (per 5 years) 1.61 1.67 1.44 1.19
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(4) X (m x n), Y(X) (p x q), S open subset of IRmxn : rk[Y(X ) = r for all XES => Y(X)+ is differentiable on Sand barcode label printing
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The expense of the security department is a vital expenditure. This chapter examined security as it relates both to the front of ce and to the overall objective of the hotel in providing a safe environment for guests and employees. The organization and operation of a security department, along with the job analysis of the director of security, were all outlined to demonstrate the many facets of this department. The decision about whether to use an in-house security department or to contract outside security services should be based on ensuring the safety and security of hotel guests rather than on costs. Both the front of ce and the security department are involved in room key security, which is easier to guarantee with the new electronic key and smart card systems than it is with hard-key systems. Building evacuation requires that established procedures be in place and that both employees and guests receive instruction on how to react during a re. An employee safety program should involve both staff and management and include a safety committee that addresses safety concerns on a regular basis and a training program for all employees. Emergency communications procedures should be developed, with a plan that involves management, employees, and civil authorities.
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Fraud Scoring
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