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local $ctx->{__stash}->{blog} = $new_blog;
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Growth Curve Analysis in Contemporary Psychological Research
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Measuring Personality and Psychopathology
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This procedure determines whether the workbook has been saved. If it has, no problem; the DeleteMenu procedure is executed, and the workbook is closed. But if the workbook has not been saved, the procedure displays a message box that duplicates the one Excel normally shows. If the user clicks Yes, the workbook is saved, the menu is deleted, and the workbook is closed. If the user clicks No, the code sets the Saved property of the Workbook object to True (without actually saving the file) and deletes the menu. If the user clicks Cancel, the BeforeClose event is canceled, and the procedure ends without deleting the menu.
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Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of Windows. Click Run. A window opens. Type regedit in the blank, and then click the OK button or press the Enter key. The Windows Registry Editor opens. In the left window pane, doubleclick the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry key. If you can t nd it, do the following: a. In the left window pane of the Registry Editor, scroll to the top. b. If any of the HKEY registry keys are open as indicated by a minus sign (-) on their left side then close them by clicking that minus sign. When a registry key is properly closed, it has a plus sign (+) next to it. c. Repeat this process for the remaining HKEY registry keys until the only things visible in the left window pane are the ve HKEY keys (see Figure 8-3). d. Double-click the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry key.
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Theorem 14.4.3 K(n) > log n.
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Part I Troubleshoot XP
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Paragraph <P> Start Tag: Content: End Tag: Attributes: Required Inline elements Text Optional
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Wireless networks have been around for over a decade, providing mobility in warehouses, retail stores, and manufacturing plants. In recent years, the higher performance, improved security, and decreasing prices of wireless networks have made them practical and affordable for anyone to use at home or the of ce. This book covers a wide range of topics about wireless networks, such as:
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% sudo nmap -sP 192.168.0/24 Starting Nmap 4.03 ( ) at i 2006-06-28 11:42 PDT
All fields ending in _modified_on are timestamp fields, which automatically record the time of any change to the record. Time in these fields is measured in Unix epoch time, or number of seconds since disco was first unleashed upon the world. Many tables also have _created_by and _modified_by fields. These fields are currently unused (except for author_created_by) and therefore NULL in value. In a future version of MT, they may be used for tracking changes to the database for the purposes of an audit trail. For now, we will skip them.
Assuming that the dashboard solution supports Web-based deployment, it is important to check the browsers supported by the software. Certain features in the software may not be supported on a certain set of browsers. If the organization has those browsers in its mix of users or is not aware of all possible browsers in use among the user base, it is better to select a software package that supports 98% to 99% of the common browser population.
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