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Page Title The Linux Documentation Project URL Description A vast clearinghouse of information, including subject-specific help, FAQs, command-line references, and guides Great pointers to HOW-TOs and guides (free online books on many subjects) Official release notes, installation guide, handy jargon buster, and package management guide Large collection of FAQs, many of great potential interest, especially downloading, customizing, and hard drive installation Information of all kinds for Linux enthusiasts Brief but cogent information about all key aspects of KnoppMyth
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N OT E Audio and video content protection methods use their own form of watermarks, but the principle is the same: a small modification that can be recognized to identify the file.
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Part II Getting Inside Gmail
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Cottington, E. M., 341, 358 Cottler, L., 160, 167, 366, 389 Cotton, S., 174, 186, 228 Coulter, P., 369, 385 Council, J., 12, 299, 302, 313, 317, 357, 445, 513, 538, 571, 578, 581 Couper, J., 306, 314 Cournos, F., 235, 244 Couropmitree, N. N., 186 Cousins, M. J., 421, 435 Cousins, N., 90, 280, 281, 288 Coutinho, R. A., 229, 244 Cover, H., 324, 334 Covey, L. S., 154, 163 Covi, L., 398, 409 Covino, N. A., 92 Cowles, M. K., 110, 118 Cox, C., 450, 459 Cox, D., 95, 195, 196, 202, 204, 206, 211, 212, 213, 254, 263 Cox, N. K., 95 Cox, R., 288 Cox, T., 572, 586 Coyle, C., 427, 429, 431, 433 Coyle, D. A., 346, 363 Coyle, K., 224, 240 Coyle, S., 223, 228, 240, 243 Coyne, J., 58, 59, 69, 398, 410 Coyne, L., 259, 266, 381, 390 Cozzi, L., 452, 459 Crabbe, J. C., 163 Craft, L. L., 604, 608 Craig, A., 281, 288, 295, 423, 425, 431 Craig, K. D., 264, 297, 313 Craig, S. E., 475, 483 Craighead, L. W., 604, 609 Craighead, W. E., 608 Cram, J. R., 250, 263 Cramer, P., 58, 69 Cramond, W. A., 274, 288 Crandall, C., 125, 139, 536, 538, 586, 587 Crane, L. A., 290 Crary, B., 76, 89 Crary, J. L., 139 Craske, M. G., 81, 94, 451, 459 Craven, T., 174, 189 Crawford, D., 127, 139 Crawley, J. N., 152, 163 Creamer, P., 185, 189 Creed, F., 174, 186, 394, 403, 409, 410, 412 Creer, T., 106, 108, 111, 114, 117, 118, 119, 453, 459 Cremer, P., 342, 363 Crespo, C. J., 549, 560 Crewe, N., 423, 427, 431 Crews, D. J., 604, 609 Crilley, P., 273, 290 Crimmins, E., 488, 504 Crippens, D. L., 564 Criqui, M. A., 361 Criqui, M. H., 506 Criquim, M. H., 363 Crisco, J. J., 456, 462 Crisp, R., 428, 431 Crisp, T. C., 611
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(a) When psychologists agree to provide services to several persons who have a relationship (such as spouses, significant others, or parents and children), they take reasonable steps to clarify at the outset (1) which of the individuals are clients/patients and (2) the relationship the psychologist will have with each person. This clarification includes the psychologist s role and the probable uses of the services provided or the information obtained. (See also Standard 4.02, Discussing the Limits of Confidentiality.) (b) If it becomes apparent that psychologists may be called on to perform potentially conflicting roles (such as family therapist and then witness for one party in divorce proceedings), psychologists take reasonable steps to clarify and modify, or withdraw from, roles appropriately. (See also Standard 3.05c, Multiple Relationships.)
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cast multicast service (MBMS). Although these originate from different backgrounds digital television broadcast and third-generation cellular telecommunications respectively they both hold the promise of providing true multipoint services to mobile and wireless users, with all the bene ts and opportunities that this brings. 10.1.1 Overview
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function refresh (event) { fetchNewMusic(xml_callback); }
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health psychology and is a major risk factor for most chronic diseases. There is a long history of concern with health in the psychology of adult development and aging. In each of the Handbooks of Aging, there has been a health psychology chapter (Deeg, Kardaun, & Fozard, 1996; Eisdorfer & Wilkie, 1977; M. Elias, Elias, & Elias, 1990; Siegler & Costa, 1985). Collectively, these Handbooks provide excellent reviews of the relevant literature that need not be repeated here. In this chapter, we deal with psychological studies of adults that evaluate the impact of aging on cardiovascular disease and cancer with attention to the role of cognition, personality, and social functioning that is, the health psychology of aging in the context of known diseases. We start with an overview of important aging concepts and issues. We then turn to the study of hypertension because it is especially useful in illustrating the issues that separate the effects of aging from the effects of disease on associated cognitive factors. We then turn to a review of methodological issues in the eld, summarize work in personality and social factors on disease, and point out some
The APA Committee on Training in Clinical Psychology under the leadership of David Shakow sought to develop training standards and guidelines for graduate and internship training in clinical psychology (Shakow, 1947). Ultimately, the committee s guidelines not only became the gold standard for clinical training but were used to determine if federal monies would be used to support these graduate training programs. The guidelines included the central admonishment that clinical psychologists be trained rigorously in a four-year doctoral program along with a one-year clinical internship. The guidelines also created the standard that training include several different content areas such as biological, cognitive, individual difference, and social aspects of behavior (Shakow, 1947, 1976, 1978). In addition, psychologists were to be trained as both scientists and clinicians. The committee recommended that training be comprehensive in research, treatment, and assessment. In 1948, the American Psychological Association (APA) began to carefully evaluate, critique, and accredit doctoral training programs. These guidelines led to the most influential training conference in the history of clinical psychology: The 1949 Boulder Conference.
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