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expensive to destroy. After getting used to performing these kinds of tests, doing them for other projects becomes faster and basically second nature. Figure 4-8 shows a finished Roomba Bluetooth adapter, tested and ready to be plugged into the Roomba. You may notice that this adapter is slightly different than the one in Figure 4-7. I have created many of these, each with slightly different layouts, but they all implement the same schematic and work the same.
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30% and 60% of the 125 million inhabitants of Bangladesh are now at risk due to drinking groundwater contaminated with arsenic. Although arsenic is a common arti cial contaminant (for instance in mine waters; LeBlanc et al. 2002; Loredo et al. 2002), the source of the arsenic found in these Bangladeshi groundwaters is natural (Burgess et al. 2002). Sedimentary iron oxyhydroxides rich in adsorbed arsenic are present at a distinct sedimentary horizon within the Holocene alluvial sediments which comprise the shallowest few tens of meters of the local sandand-gravel aquifer. These iron oxyhydroxides were formed when the groundwater within them was oxidized; now that reducing conditions have been established in much of the aquifer, the oxyhydroxides are gradually dissolving in groundwater, releasing arsenic to solution in the process. Arsenic is not the only naturally occurring element to be present at toxic concentrations in certain groundwaters. Fluoride is bene cial to the dental health of humans where it is present in drinking waters at concentrations close to 1 mg/L; at much lower levels, dental caries tends to be more prevalent in the population. Fortunately, most shallow groundwaters contain appreciable quantities of calcium, which reacts with dissolved uoride to precipitate CaF2 (the mineral uorite), which is at equilibrium with about 1 mg/L of dissolved uoride. However, where calcium is scarce (for instance, in groundwaters which have sodium as the dominant cation) uoride may be present at far higher concentrations, sometimes as high as 15 mg/L. At such concentrations, sustained consumption of the groundwater will hinder the healthy development of bones, leading to severely debilitating conditions such as bowed legs and other limb deformities. Besides uoride and arsenic, very few pristine groundwaters contain toxic elements at dangerous concentrations. As the cases of uoride and arsenic clearly show, however, it is always prudent to conduct thorough analyses of waters intended for human or animal consumption on a regular (if not frequent) basis, and to evaluate the results against regulatory limits such as those listed in Table 7.4.
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Figure 4.4 Averaging process to generate averaged eventrelated time series event-related potentials (ERPs).
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Figure 7.10 Data transmission and related acknowledgment between stations operating in the PCF mode.
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Unifying and Generality Properties of Theories Hans Eysenck showed an interest in applications of conditioning principles to problems of human behavior. He also worked on the measurement of personality, in traits such as intelligence and extroversion-introversion. Moreover, he also had interest in variations in psychic ability as shown in experiments in psychokinisis. (During a six-month stay at the Maudsley Hospital in 1961, the author conveyed the spread of our American behavioral applications and also argued about psychic phenomena, taking the position that selecting subjects with high psychic ability abrogated the assumptions for the statistics employed.) Theorists vary in the number of different research areas to which they address themselves. And that constitutes an important dimension; other things equal, more general theories are more valuable than narrow theories. Another property of a theory is that of unifying power. The example of Eysenck can be used again. That is, although he was interested in behavior therapy, personality measurement, and experimental psychic ability, he did not construct a theory within which these phenomenal areas were uni ed within a tightly reasoned set of interrelated principles. Both the generality and the unifying power of theories are very important. Freud s psychological theory was more general than Rogers s. For example, it pertains to child development, abnormal psychology, and clinical psychology and has been used widely in those and other elds. And Freud s theory much more than other theories that arise in psychotherapy also was high in the goal of uni cation. John Watson began behaviorism as a general approach to psychology. The behavioral theories of personality (such as that of Rotter, and to some extent the other social learning theories) exhibit some generality and uni cation. The present theory, PB, has the most generality and uni cation aims of all. None of the personality
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Now add 18, 15, and 10, which is 43/ 24 or 1 19/ 24. Another example: Add 1/ 6 + 1/ 7 + 1/ 8. The best we can do here for the LCD is the product of 6 7 8 336. Convert each fraction to 336 or 56/ 336 + 48/ 336 + 42/ 336. Now add 56 + 48 + 42 146/ 336. By inspection we see we can divide the numerator and denominator by 2 and the answer is 73/ 168. Subtraction of fractions follows the same procedure, just follow the rules of signs. Example: Calculate 1/ 4 1/ 5 + 2/ 3. Procedure. Multiply the denominators together for the LCD, which is 60. Convert each fraction to 60ths or 15/ 60 12/ 60 + 40/ 60. We now have a common denominator so we can add the numerators: 15 12 + 40 43/ 60. We apply the same procedure when we add/ subtract algebraic symbols. Example. Simplify 1/ (X 4) 1/ (X 5). Procedure. The LCD is the product (X 4)(X 5). We then have [(X 5) (X 4)]/ (X 4)(X 5) 1/ (X 2 9X + 20). Then multiply the two factors (X 4) and (X 5). There are two approaches. Do long multiplication as we would do with arithmetic: X 4 X 5 X
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Sales Revenue $25,000 30,000 33,000 35,000 36,000 36,000
Listing 21-2: Filling in for Excel s missing add-in properties
24 2. Lennon and Caplan
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