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Fall Term Electives Dissertation Research Electives
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Add a caption NewMenu.Caption = &Budgeting End Sub
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Meta-Analysis Versus Signi cance Testing
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ovec(X) (2) vee(X-I) ( v-I 0 (X)' = Im 2 0vec A ) vec ., aVeC(X-I) 0 vec(X-I)
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1.5 The First Terrestrial Positioning Systems 17
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As you know, Excel s object model is a hierarchy: objects are contained in other objects. At the top of the hierarchy is the Application object. Excel contains other objects, and these objects contain other objects, and so on. The following hierarchy depicts how a Range object fits into this scheme:
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Figure 24.2 Example of a structural equation model of Acceptance of Risky Behavior.
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Cesar Ritz
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