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[524] L. G. Valiant. A theory of the learnable. Commun. ACM, pages 1134 1142, 1984. [525] J. M. Van Campenhout and T. M. Cover. Maximum entropy and conditional probability. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, IT-27:483 489, 1981. [526] E. Van der Meulen. Random coding theorems for the general discrete memoryless broadcast channel. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, IT-21:180 190, 1975. [527] E. C. van der Meulen. Some re ections on the interference channel. In R. E. Blahut, D. J. Costello, U. Maurer, and T. Mittelholzer, (Eds.), Communications and Cryptography: Two Sides of One Tapestry. Kluwer, Boston, 1994. [528] E. C. Van der Meulen. A survey of multi-way channels in information theory. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, IT-23:1 37, 1977. [529] E. C. Van der Meulen. Recent coding theorems for multi-way channels. Part I: The broadcast channel (1976-1980). In J. K. Skwyrzinsky (Ed.), New Concepts in Multi-user Communication (NATO Advanced Study Institute Series), pages 15 51. Sijthoff & Noordhoff, Amsterdam, 1981. [530] E. C. Van der Meulen. Recent coding theorems and converses for multiway channels. Part II: The multiple access channel (1976 1985) (Technical Report). Department Wiskunde, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 1985. [531] V. N. Vapnik. Estimation of Dependencies Based on Empirical Data. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1982. [532] V. N. Vapnik. The Nature of Statistical Learning Theory. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1991. [533] V. N. Vapnik and A. Y. Chervonenkis. On the uniform convergence of relative frequencies to their probabilities. Theory Prob. Appl., pages 264 280, 1971. [534] V. N. Vapnik and A. Y. Chervonenkis. Necessary and suf cient conditions for the uniform convergence of means to their expectations. Theory Prob. Appl., pages 532 553, 1981. [535] S. Verdu. The capacity region of the symbol-asynchronous Gaussian multiple-access channel. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, pages 733 751, July 1989. [536] S. Verdu. Recent Progress in Multiuser Detection (Advances in Communication and Signal Processing), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1989. [Reprinted in N. Abramson (Ed.), Multiple Access Communications, IEEE Press, New York, 1993.] [537] S. Verdu. The exponential distribution in information theory. Probl. Inf. Transm. (USSR), pages 86 95, Jan. Mar. 1996. [538] S. Verdu. Fifty years of Shannon theory. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, pages 2057 2078, Oct. 1998. [539] S. Verdu. Multiuser Detection. Cambridge University Press, New York, 1998. [540] S. Verdu and T. S. Han. A general formula for channel capacity. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, pages 1147 1157, July 1994.
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You ve seen a lot of these in this book. In fact, one occurs in the last paragraph. A parenthetical is something you insert in parentheses. At least three good reasons exist to use parentheticals: 1. To give your opinion in a sentence that is otherwise fact. 2. To interject tangentially related information. 3. To include details about the preceding word.
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tially related skills, such as advance cue usage and knowledge of situational probabilities. The relative importance of these different perceptual-cognitive skills may vary across sports, and even across various positional roles within that sport (e.g., see J. D. Ward, Williams, Ward, & Smeeton, 2004). Visual Search Behavior The ability of performers to pick up advance visual cues or to identify patterns of play is determined, at least in part, by the manner in which they search the display in an attempt to extract the most pertinent information. A corneal reflection technique is typically used to assess visual search behavior by recording performers eye movements and interspersed fixations (see Williams et al., 1999). Although researchers have indicated that the observed behavior is constrained by several factors, such as the nature of the task and performers stress levels, generally skilled performers scan the display in a more effective and efficient manner than less skilled performers (Williams, Janelle, et al., 2004). The assumption is that these skill-based differences are indicative of more refined selective attention processes and enhanced task-specific knowledge structures (Henderson, 2003). The seminal work was carried out by Bard and colleagues (e.g., Bard & Fleury, 1976) in basketball and field hockey, and in recent years several researchers have extended this body of work to other sports (e.g., see Williams, 2002). What Don t We Know The complex interplay between information extraction via the fovea, parafovea, and visual periphery remains an interesting line of research and a valuable area for future work. How do skilled and less skilled performers differ in the extent to which they rely on these different systems, and how does this factor vary with the constraints of the task, environmental conditions, and individual characteristics such as stress and emotion For example, in soccer, there is evidence to suggest that visual behavior may vary as a function of the task constraints. Skilled defenders employ different search strategies when compared with skilled attackers, and different behaviors emerge when confronted with situations involving more or fewer players (e.g., a one-on-one duel versus three-on-three versus eleven-on-eleven defensive simulations), regardless of players positional orientation within the team (see Helsen & Starkes, 1999; Williams & Davids, 1998; Williams, Davids, Burwitz, & Williams, 1994). Clearly, team sports are dynamic in nature, with continual transitions from
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Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
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Part IV Enhancing Presentation with Cascading Style Sheets
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There are several methods a company can use to build its own proxy detection service in-house. Building these types of services in-house means they have to be committed to maintaining them going forward, which can be extensive.
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Windows has another default account that can allow hackers to sneak into your computer if they can guess the proper password. Although the Guest account has limited access and privileges, it still has enough functionality to give hackers a eld day. For this reason, you should consider disabling the Guest account.
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