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Within the navigation message some parameters are included that allow the receiver to compute the location of the satellite at any given time. Furthermore, the time to consider is the sending time and not the receiving time. The propagation time, which is precisely the measurement achieved, is not known. Thus, this approach allows multiple calculations and corrections when required. The part of the navigation message devoted to the orbital parameters is called the ephemeris. It is composed of 16 parameters as follows (illustration of parameters is given in Fig. 8.4). The seven elliptic orbital parameters are
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Factor Analysis
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Ethnic Minorities
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The workbook contains a class module named EmbChartClass, and also a normal VBA module named Module1. For demonstration purposes, the Main worksheet also contains two buttons: One executes a procedure named EnableChartEvents, the other executes a procedure named DisableChartEvents (both are located in Module1). In addition, each of the other worksheets contains a button that executes the ReturntoMain macro that reactivates the Main sheet. The complete listing of Module1 follows:
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Never file or grind the tip. The tips of modern soldering irons are pre-tinned and preshaped. Using a file on them destroys this surface and may harm the temperature sensor (if it has one). Always keep the soldering iron in the holder when not in use. Laying the soldering iron down on the table not only invites painful accidents; it also can melt nearby unintended substances, which can be particularly troubling if they actually melt to the tip. If you do inadvertently melt something to the soldering iron, carefully wipe it off on the cleaning sponge while the iron is hot. If that doesn t clean it off, replace the tip. Only turn it on when you need it. Irons aren t meant to be on for more than a few hours. Don t leave it on overnight.
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P12.8 You have to make a decision either to buy or to rent the equipment for your restaurant. Purchase cost would be $30,000. Of this amount, $7,500 would be paid cash now, and the balance would be owed to the equipment supplier. The owner agrees to accept $4,500 a year for five years as payment toward the principal, plus interest at 10 percent. The equipment will have a five-year life, at the end of which it can be sold for $5,000. Calculate depreciation on a straight-line basis over the five years. Alternatively, the equipment can be rented for the five years at a rental cost of $7,000 a year. Income tax rate is 30 percent. Discount rate is 8 percent. a. Using discounted cash flow, which would be the better investment b. What other factors might you want to consider that would change your decision P12.9 Pizza Restaurant provides a delivery service and is considering purchasing a new compact vehicle or leasing it. Purchase price would be $13,500 (cash), which the restaurant has. Estimated life is five years. Residual (trade-in) value is $2,500. Under the purchase plan, the additional net cash income (increased revenue less additional costs such as vehicle maintenance and driver s wages) before deducting depreciation and income tax would be as follows: Year 1 2 3 4 5 Cash Revenue Less Cash Costs $38,000 47,000 55,000 60,000 65,000
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