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The year is 2003. England and tournament hosts Australia are 17 17 in the final 25s of the Rugby Union World Cup Final. In a breathtaking finale, Matt Dawson spins the ball out of the England s line-out to Jonny Wilkinson. Under great pressure, Wilkinson drops the ball to his feet and performs a perfect drop goal to clinch the game and seal England s name in the history books as the first Northern Hemisphere side to win the World Cup. After the game, Wilkinson was asked to reflect on his team s preparation with relation to the drop-goal. His response was, We had a clear routine of how we d get a drop-goal. It just went absolutely like clockwork. That s why you win these big games (British Broadcasting Corporation, n.d.). Watching the game, we were left to ponder how extant concepts in sport psychology could account adequately for how teams achieve such routines. The research literature on teams, being predominantly social in perspective, and on cognition in sports, being predominantly individualistic in orientation, seems weak at offering insights into how team members achieve coordination. An understanding of this topic seems to require a consideration of both social and cognitive aspects of the way teams function and, in particular, of the interaction of these aspects. Consequently, this chapter is concerned with how a social-cognitive perspective on teams might enhance the current understanding of team functioning in sport. The concepts discussed in the chapter are drawn predominantly from the research literature concerned with teams in industrial and organizational (I /O) psychology and on social cognition in general psychology. The chapter includes proposals for concepts relevant to insights into team coordination, but also considers more general impli-
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5.9 Encoding for RS codes CRS (28, 24), CRS (32, 28) and CRS (255, 251)
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Schizoid Personalities
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Pr(Uk = u) Pr U j = u, Ul = u, j < l < k|Uk = u (13.68)
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To make small straightening adjustments on each selected fill outline or curved line:
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where the second inequality follows from the second property of A(n) (P1 ||P2 ). With the standard AEP in 3, we also showed that any set that has a high probability has a high intersection with the typical set, and therefore has about 2nH elements. We now prove the corresponding result for relative entropy.
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Cut, Copy, Paste, and Clear perform these common functions on a selected element. Expand Branch expands the navigation tree at the selected element. Collapse Branch collapses the navigation tree at the selected element. Collapse Others collapses the branches in the navigation tree not containing the
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Subjective norms
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Summary of Simulation Parameters TPK_RSA TPK_ECC 8.55 TPK_SAS 6.2 TPK_PKC 9.1 TCRL 500
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begin and end by simple bit/ octet counting. However, with some data link protocols, the information eld is of variable length. In this case, the information eld length will appear as a sub eld in the control eld. Synchronous data transmission systems not only require frame alignment, but also must be bit-aligned. This was an easy matter on start stop systems because we could let the receive clock run freely inside the 5 bits or 8 bits of a character. There is no such freedom with synchronous systems. Suppose we assume a free-running receive clock. However, if there was a timing error of 1% between the transmit and receive clocks, not more than 100 bits could be transmitted until the synchronous receiving device would be off in timing by the duration of 1 bit from the transmitter, and all bits received thereafter would be in error. Even if the timing accuracy of one relative to the other were improved to 0.05%, the correct timing relationship between transmitter and receiver would exist for only the rst 2000 bits transmitted. It follows, therefore, that no timing error whatsoever can be permitted to accumulate since anything but absolute accuracy in timing would cause eventual malfunctioning. In practice, the receiver is provided with an accurate clock that is corrected by small adjustments based on the transitions of the received bit stream, as explained in Section 10.7.3.
Action Automatically checks and selects a conversation so you can archive, apply a label, or choose an action from the drop-down menu to apply to that conversation. Adds a star to or removes a star from a message or conversation. Stars allow you to give a message or conversation a special status. Marks a message as spam and removes it from your conversation list. Reply to the message sender. Shift+r allows you to reply to a message in a new window. (Applicable only in Conversation View.) Reply to all message recipients. Shift+a allows you to reply to all message recipients in a new window. (Applicable only in Conversation View.) Forward a message. Shift+f allows you to forward a message in a new window. (Applicable only in Conversation View.) Removes the cursor from your current input field.
Adding Chat to a Web Page
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