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Intelligible crosstalk presents the greatest impairment because of its distraction to the listener. Distraction is considered to be caused either by fear of loss of privacy or primarily by the user of the primary line consciously or unconsciously trying to understand
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See Section 0.4 for details.
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These dif culties generated problems and another scheme was implemented, based on the direct use of the raw measurements. We know that it is not always possible to obtain the real raw data, that is, to get rid of the various lters designed to improve the receiver solution. So, it was decided to use so-called GNSS sensors, designed to deliver a lot of data from the receiver. It is also possible to modify some parameters such as loop smoothness, constellation con guration, and many others. In fact, it was mainly the Kalman lter parameters, the code loop and the frequency loop, that were tuned. As long as one just wanted to enable the continuity of the location service between outdoors and indoors, there was no interest in
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frames as set in Specifying a print area on page 335. For example, choose this option to print a full-page data sheet from a Web banner.
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FP Cost $2.00 43 25.7% 1214 64.4% 3990 78.5% 4876 81.2% 5316 82.3%
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The previous technique embedded five white spaces at the end of every line; this technique creates a detectable pattern across all images that have data embedded this way. An alternative is to have the amount of white space userdefined from the command line.
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