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school responses to a questionnaire; Calkins (1910) from 47 colleges supposed to have no laboratory (p. 41); and E. C. Sanford (1910) from 32 colleges and universities with laboratories. Seashore (1910), the committee chair, composed a summary report and recommendations for the elementary course in psychology based on his three colleagues separate studies. Henry (1938) examined 157 liberal arts college catalogs for their plan of instruction (p. 430). F. H. Sanford and Fleishman (1950) examined 330 catalogs selected according to eight institutional types; Daniel, Dunham, and Morris (1965) replicated this study using 207 catalogs but limiting their selection to four institutional types (universities, liberal arts colleges, teachers colleges, and junior colleges). Lux and Daniel (1978) examined catalogs from 56 universities, 53 liberal arts colleges, and 69 two-year colleges. The APA sponsored surveys by Kulik (1973), Scheirer and Rogers (1985), and Cooney and Grif th (1994). Messer, Griggs, and Jackson (1999) reported their analysis of 292 catalogs for the prevalence and requirements of focused specialty-area options versus general psychology degrees. In the same issue of the journal Teaching of Psychology, Perlman and McCann (1999a) examined 400 catalogs from four institutional types for the most frequently listed courses. We recommend all of these studies for students and scholars of both history and program development. As Ash (1983) noted, our self-representation is revealed in the courses we choose to teach. How did we move from the single, elementary course so characteristic in 1890 catalogs to baccalaureate programs in which the mean number of psychology credits required for a major is 33.5 (SD 7.8, Mdn 33, mode 30, range 7 to 81) (Perlman & McCann, 1999b, pp. 172 173) Let s begin at the beginning. Using Jastrow (1890), the 1910 studies, and Ruckmich (1912) as starting points, McGovern (1992b) examined catalogs from 20 selected institutions for the years 1890 and 1900. He found that psychology took one of three forms in 1890. First, at Amherst, Georgia, and Grinnell, psychology was listed as a topic or primary focus in a philosophy course. Second, a single course in psychology was one of several philosophy courses listed in the catalogs for the City College of New York, Cincinnati, Columbia, Minnesota, New York University, and Ohio State University. This single course was taught either as a requirement or elective for juniors or seniors. Third, the rst course in elementary psychology was followed by some other course or courses. At Indiana, Michigan, George Washington, and Yale, the course was in physiological psychology. At Nebraska and Pennsylvania, the second course was titled experimental psychology and had a required laboratory experience. Additional courses were offered as special problems at Brown, advanced psychology at Pennsylvania and Yale, or selections based on faculty members special
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to whether the behavior will produce a particular result are outcome expectations. People are likely to be concerned about both types of expectancy, and both require study in exercise psychology research. For example, it is important to know whether efficacy expectations are influential in the adoption of exercise programs, yet it is also likely that outcome expectations will affect the maintenance of such programs and the reinforcement necessary for continued involvement. It is thought that people gain or lose self-efficacy in four main ways (Bandura, 1986, 1997): 1. Prior success and performance attainment 2. Imitation and modeling, particularly of people similar to oneself 3. Verbal and social persuasion 4. Judgments of physiological states, such that states of relaxation can be achieved C. Ewart (1989, p. 684) summarized the application of these in the context of promoting exercise in a rehabilitation setting by saying that
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Concept Alternative strategies
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What You Can Do Validate data entry. If you have form fields on your page, you can make sure they contain the right kind of data before re-submitting them to the server. How does this save server processing First, your server doesn t have to do the validation. Second, data will only be submitted once, when it is complete, saving your server the trouble of having to serve the same page (with error messages on it) multiple times to the same client. Rearrange data on the page. This is new to HTML 4! If you are running a page that serves data from a database, you can save your server the trouble of having to serve the same data multiple times, sorted differently, by taking advantage of client-side processing. The Document Object Model and client-side scripting enable you to deliver all the data to the client one time and then give the client the option of seeing it different ways. Visitors don t need to know that instead of going out to your server every time they want to see the data rearranged, the processing takes place on their machine. This can take a real load off your server. What You Can t Do Serve a page. You can t serve a page using client processing. You can load another page that has already been downloaded with the current page, which can be a clever technique, but at some point all the data you display must come from the server (except for data collected from the visitor and data collected from the client workstation). Deliver data from a database. The database has to reside on a server (either your own or another you have permission to read). The only way to get this data to the client is to deliver it from a server. Collect data into a database. You have to get the data from the client s workstation back to the server. Client processing can t do this. The chapter on external databases ( 45) covers this in detail. Read data from the visitor s computer. With few exceptions, you can t use client-side scripting to collect information about visitors or data from their machines. This kind of privacy safeguard for the Web surfer has contributed to the popularity and acceptability of client-side scripting. Other less innocuous technologies, such as ActiveX controls and Java applets, have failed to catch on as fast because they didn t safeguard the client workstation as well.
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Overbooking (Occupancy Management)
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Suggest yield management strategies to use under the following circumstances at The Times Hotel: Situation 1: The Train Collectors are coming to town from November 10 through November 15 and will draw 50,000 people. Every room in town is expected to be taken for that time period. What policy should the hotel develop for guests who want to reserve a room for the following time periods November 10 only November 10 and 11 only November 10, 11, and 12 only
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Leadership in Sports
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Figure 8.31 HBM results of a BVCEO voltage-triggered SiGe HBT power clamp comparing a lowBVCEO and high-BVCEO clamp element with a low BVCEO trigger element
Repeat steps 2 and 3 to assign additional actions as necessary.
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2.4 The nucleation theorem
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