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Functional Attributes of Personality
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dualism, 452 holistic view of mind-body relationship, 452 Minnesota Employment Stabilization Research Institute (MESRI), 360, 375 Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), 284, 295 Minorities. See Ethnic minorities Mixed race identity, 503 504 Moral management and the association model, 314 315 Motivation and emotion (biological psychology), 56 59 Multiple personality, 324 325 Nancy School, 321 National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), 545 National Council of Women Psychologists (NCWP), 260, 536 537, 547 National Hispanic Psychological Association, 547 National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), 345, 347, 361 National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology (NR), 548, 549 National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education (NSPIE), 359 National Vocational Guidance Association, 362 Near and Middle East (professional organizations), 539 Neo-behaviorists, 18 19 NEO Personality Inventory (NEO-PI), 285 286 Nervous diseases (neurosis and neurasthenia), 329 Network of Indian Psychologists, 546 Neuropsychological functioning, monitoring: Bender Gestalt, 292 293 test batteries, 293 294 Neurosis, 328, 329 New York State Association of Consulting Psychologists, 545 New Zealand (professional organizations), 540 North America, professional organizations in, 540 544 Nosological systems, 315 316 Noumena/phenomena, 117 Number (theory of primary mental abilities), 141 Operant orientation, developmental psychology, 210 211 Operationism, 17 18 Opponent-process theory, 51 Organic vs. functional psychoses, 329 330 Organizational psychologist, 38. See also Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology Organizations. See Professional organizations Pandemonium, 102 Perception. See Sensation and perception Perceptual realism, 113 Perceptual speed (theory of primary mental abilities), 142 Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI), 286 Personality characteristics and psychopathology, identifying (assessment psychology), 283 292 behavioral methods, 291 292 gure drawing methods, 287 288 interview methods, 289 291 picture-story methods, 287 Rorschach Inkblot Method, 286 287 sentence completion methods, 288 289 structured tests, 283 286 unstructured tests, 286 289 Personality psychology: ambivalence in, 177 179, 189 190, 191 196 American psychology, 183 185
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efforts to link the structural model to his earlier work in order to form a more cohesive psychodynamic framework. For example, Freud (and other psychoanalysts) hypothesized that oral xation was characterized in part by a prominent, powerful id, whereas Oedipal xation was characterized by strong investment in superego activities. At the time of his death, Freud was actively revising aspects of the structural model (Fancher, 1973; Gay, 1988), and it is impossible to know how the model would have developed had Freud continued his work. This much is certain, however: During the decades wherein Freud explicated details of the structural model of the mind, he altered it in myriad ways, and in doing so he laid the foundation for several concepts that many years later became key elements of modern psychoanalytic theory.
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where I k is the identity matrix of size k k. For a given convolutional code Cconv (n, 1, K ), it can be shown that its matrix G(D) has an inverse G 1 (D) if and only if [16] HCF G (1) (D), G (2) (D), . . . , G (n) (D) = Dl , l 0 (26)
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2 Interfacing Basics
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For network and host assignment, Classes A through C are used. Class D is not used for
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19 Understanding Excel s Events
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Figure 3.8 GAF GM and GE functional architecture.
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models of personality positing links between speci c genetically based neurotransmitter systems and speci c personality traits. They also suggest a different conception of the trait hierarchies from that assumed by many trait taxonomies. Hierarchical Structure Factor analyses of genetic correlations and the modeling studies cited in the previous section identi ed general genetic factors that account for trait covariation. The model- tting analyses also con rmed conclusions based on regression analyses that lower-order traits are not merely components of higher-order traits, but rather are distinct etiological entities. It appears that each basic or facet trait is in uenced by general and speci c genetic factors. Genetic dimensions that affect multiple traits appear to in uence each trait directly rather than indirectly through a higher-order phenotypic entity. This raises questions about the basis for the hierarchy consistently identi ed by factor analytic studies and the conceptual status of higher-order constructs like neuroticism and extraversion and their role in theories of individual differences. Although the facets delineating each of the ve-factor domains covary due to shared genetic effects, it is not necessary to invoke a higher-order latent construct to explain this covariation. This raises the possibility that higher-order constructs such as neuroticism merely represent the pleiotropic action of genes. If this is the case, neuroticism and other
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to mitigate the risk of denial-of-service attacks that can be used to either disable or degrade a service. It is hard to prevent but measures can be taken to increase the cost to an attacker. Mature technologies exist to provide transport security and can be used in certain circumstances when SOAP is bound to HTTP or another protocol that uses TCP/IP. A well-known solution is the secure sockets layer (SSL) and the revised RFC standard transport layer security (TLS). SSL was a Netscape de facto standard that was later adopted and revised by the IETF to produce TLS in January 1999. This security technology may be used to provide integrity, timeliness, and con dentiality as well as mutual authentication. Server authentication is achieved using a server X.509 certi cate. Client authentication may be achieved using a client X.509 certi cate, or in the case of an HTTP binding, using HTTP basic or digest authentication in conjunction with SSL/TLS con dentiality and integrity protection. Care must be taken to con gure SSL/TLS correctly to use the appropriate security features, algorithms, and key lengths. Transport layer security is only appropriate for securing a link between two SSL/ TLS endpoints. This is useful when SOAP is used with HTTP without any SOAP intermediary nodes, but not when SOAP intermediary nodes are present. Since SOAP intermediary nodes must be able to examine and possibly modify the SOAP headers, SSL/TLS must terminate at the intermediary. This means that SSL/TLS protection is lost at the intermediary node, exposing the payload of the message to risks if the SOAP node is compromised. The SOAP Message Security speci cation under development at the Oasis Web Services Security technical committee is designed to speci cally address security concerns related to SOAP messaging. This effort was initiated on July 9, 2002 with the charter referring to the April 5, 2002 WS-Security speci cation submission from IBM, Microsoft, and Verizon. The WSS committee speci cations provide an example of how SOAP messaging may be extended using SOAP headers and processing rules to add additional optional infrastructure capabilities to Web services. The SOAP Message Security speci cation de nes how to use the W3C XML Digital Signature recommendation to provide (1) integrity for any combination of SOAP header or body elements and (2) veri cation that claims made in security tokens are from the sender. It also de nes use of the W3C XML Encryption recommendation to allow encryption of any combination of SOAP body elements and content, SOAP header elements, and content and attachments (but not the soap:Envelope, soap:Header and soap:Body elements themselves since the SOAP enveloping structure must remain intact). The speci cation de nes a timestamp mechanism to support establishing the freshness of SOAP Security header blocks. Finally, the core speci cation and security token pro les de ne security tokens and associated mechanisms and processsing rules. Security tokens are XML elements representing one or more claims made by the token authority, used to convey identity, key, authentication, authorization, or other information. The SOAP Message Security speci cation supports both XML and binary tokens and de nes generic mechanisms to reference tokens. The Oasis committee is also
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