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What is communication
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Private Sub UserForm_QueryClose _ (Cancel As Integer, CloseMode As Integer) If CloseMode = vbFormControlMenu Then MsgBox Click the OK button to close the form. Cancel = True End If End Sub
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In addition to the add-ins that ship with Excel, you can download additional add-ins from Microsoft s Web site. And there are many third-party add-ins that you can purchase or download from online services. You can use the coupon in the back of the book to acquire a free copy of the Power Utility Pak add-in. And, as I detail in 21, it s very easy to create your own add-ins.
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with a block of message bits of size N N = 10, 000 that, after being encoded by the code of code rate Rc = 1/2, becomes a transmitted array of size 2N N = 20, 000 coded bits, which are affected by noise according to the value of the parameter E b /N0 , in this case E b /N0 = 1dB. The LOG MAP BCJR decoder generates with these inputs a vector of extrinsic information E of size N N = 10, 000. Figure 7.26 shows the results of this process, for E b /N0 = 1dB and two values of A , A = 2 and A = 4.5, which consist of the non-normalized histograms of the extrinsic information values and of the applied a priori values. These histograms allow the calculation of the mutual informations of the EXIT chart. The mutual information I A can be calculated by using expression (93), evaluated numerically, and the corresponding value of the mutual information I E is also obtained by numerical integration over the resulting histograms like those seen in Figure 7.26 for example, and by using expression
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Two symbols placed together imply multiplication. Each symbol or symbol grouping is called a factor. Examples: xy means x multiplied by y; x( y + 1) means x multiplied by the quantity ( y + 1); abc means a multiplied by b that is then multiplied by c. The use of parentheses is vital in algebra. If a parentheses pair has a sign in front of it, that sign is operative on each term inside the parentheses. If the sign is just a +, then consider that each term inside the parentheses is multiplied by +1. Here we just have a ow through. Example. Simplify 3X + (7X + Y 10)
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An additional account, payroll payable, is created for this transaction. The previous entry is posted as follows: Wages Expense (Expense) Debit Credit Balance $3,400 400 $3,400 3,800 Salaries Expense (Expense) Debit Credit Balance $1,800 480 $1,800 2,280 Payroll Payable (Liability) Debit Credit Balance $ 880 $ 880
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2. Data understanding phase a. Collect the data. b. Use exploratory data analysis to familiarize yourself with the data, and discover initial insights. c. Evaluate the quality of the data. d. If desired, select interesting subsets that may contain actionable patterns. 3. Data preparation phase a. This labor-intensive phase covers all aspects of preparing the nal data set, which will be used for subsequent phases, from the initial, raw, dirty data. b. Select the cases and variables you want to analyze and that are appropriate for your analysis. c. Perform transformations on certain variables, if needed. d. Clean the raw data so that it is ready for the modeling tools. 4. Modeling phase a. Select and apply appropriate modeling techniques. b. Calibrate model settings to optimize results. c. Often, several different techniques may be applied for the same data mining problem.
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C+C)8 H (A+)HA+B(lp-C+C)tl
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