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If your computer is fairly new, or if you recently installed a new video card, then your system is probably capable of viewing images at the highest quality settings. To do so, follow these steps:
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Broadcast authentication is an essential service in sensor networks. Because of the large number of sensor nodes and the broadcast nature of wireless communication, it is usually desirable for the base stations to broadcast commands, queries, and data to sensor nodes. The authenticity of such commands and data is critical for the normal operation of sensor networks. If convinced to accept forged or modi ed commands or data, sensor nodes may perform unnecessary or incorrect operations, and cannot ful ll the intended purposes of the network. Thus, in hostile environments (e.g., battle eld, antiterrorists operations), it is necessary to enable sensor nodes to authenticate broadcast messages received from the base station. Providing broadcast authentication in sensor networks turns out to be a nontrivial task. On the one hand, public key based digital signatures (e.g., the Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) algorithm [25]), which are typically used for broadcast authentication in traditional networks, are too expensive to be used in sensor networks, due to the intensive computation involved in signature veri cation and the resource constraints on sensor nodes. On the other hand, secret key-based mechanisms (e.g., HMAC [26]) cannot be directly applied to broadcast authentication, since otherwise a compromised receiver can easily forge any message from the sender. In the following, we describe the mTESLA and multilevel mTESLA protocols, which were proposed for broadcast authentication in sensor networks. mTESLA employs a chain of authentication keys linked to each other by a pseudorandom function [27], which is by de nition a one-way function. Each key in the key
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Style sheets directly address the problem of formatting information cluttering up your pages. With style sheets, all formatting information moves from the HTML document to a style sheet (a text file with a .css extension). Any page that wants to use that format simply links to the style sheet. Any changes made to the master style sheet are automatically reflected in all pages that link to the style sheet. Now that is real power!
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Psychotherapy is generally helpful for the majority of people who participate in it. Even psychotherapy critics and skeptics feel that the experience is benign and that people are usually not hurt as a result of it. Therapy, unlike a medical procedure such as surgery, does not seem to have life-and-death consequences if it goes poorly. The worst thing that could happen in psychotherapy is that someone might waste time and money and receive little if any benefit, right Wrong. Actually, psychotherapy may not be appropriate or useful for everyone who wants it. Some people may actually deteriorate in functioning during or after psychotherapy (Mays & Frank, 1980, 1985; Mohr, 1995; Singer & Lalich, 1996). In fact, Freud s most famous case example of Anna O. was a treatment failure: Anna O. had more severe symptoms after she began treatment with Freud. Research has found that a sizable number of psychotherapy patients are worse off after psychotherapy than before (e.g., Colson, Lewis, & Horowitz, 1985; D. Shapiro & Shapiro, 1982; Stone, 1985). Some research has shown that patients in wait list or other control conditions may show less deterioration in functioning than some psychotherapy patients. For example, D. Shapiro and Shapiro (1982) found that about 11% of psychotherapies resulted in a negative outcome, and Colson et al. (1985) found that about 17% of patients were worse at psychotherapy termination than before psychotherapy began. Other studies generally report similar findings (e.g., Stone, 1985). Ogles, Lambert, and Sawyer (1995) found that 8% of clients in treatment for depression deteriorated while those in the control group did not. M. Lamberg and Ogles (2004) conclude that
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Case 1: The slave s failure is detected when the coordinator is in the Before Commit state. In this case, the slave must have failed during transaction execution. To terminate the transaction, the coordinator will log Aborting and send a Global Abort message to all slaves. Case 2: The slave s failure is detected when the coordinator is in the Preparing state. In this case, the slave could have been in any of the Before Commit, Aborting, or Prepared states. If the slave failed in the Before Commit state, it never received the Prepare message. If the slave failed in the Abort state, it must have received the Prepare to Commit message and voted Not Ready. Finally, the slave must have failed in the Prepared state, if it voted Ready but failed before it sent out the message. In any case, the decision by the coordinator is to assume that the slave did not want to commit the transaction, which necessitates the global abort process. Case 3: The slave s failure is detected when the coordinator is in the Committing state. This signi es the fact that the coordinator did not receive the Commit ACK message from the slave. In this case, the slave must have failed in either the Prepared state it failed before it received the Global Commit message or in the Committed state it failed after committing and before it sent out the Commit ACK message. In either case, the coordinator has to continue polling the slave for acknowledgment of the action before it ends the transaction globally. Case 4: The slave s failure is detected when the coordinator is in the Aborting state. This signi es the fact that the coordinator did not receive the Abort ACK from the slave. In this case, the slave could have been
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