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well as with a one-year clinical internship and be trained as both scientists and clinicians. The committee recommended that training be comprehensive in research, treatment, and assessment. In 1949, a committee met in Boulder, Colorado, and developed the Boulder model (also known as the scientist-practitioner model) of clinical training. 4. During the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, many new treatment and intervention approaches and perspectives were offered as an alternative to the traditional psychodynamic approach. Psychologists were becoming well established in their psychotherapy skills in addition to their testing services. The family systems, behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and humanistic approaches to intervention emerged as compelling and popular alternatives to the more traditional theories and interventions. Furthermore, the rise of the community mental health movement in the 1960s as well as the advent of psychotropic medication to treat mental illness exerted powerful influences on clinical psychology. 5. A turning point in the philosophy of clinical psychology training occurred during the 1973 Vail Conference. The most significant outcome of the Conference was the acceptance of a new training model for clinical psychology. In addition to the Boulder, or scientist-practitioner, model the Vail, or the scholar-practitioner, model was endorsed. This model suggested that clinical training could emphasize the delivery of professional psychological services while minimizing research training. Furthermore, the conference endorsed the notion that graduate training did not need to occur only in academic psychology departments at major universities but could also occur in free-standing professional schools of psychology. Finally, the Conference
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Allison, P. D. (1987). Estimation of linear models with incomplete data. In C. Clogg (Ed.), Sociological Methodology 1987 (pp. 71 103). San Francisco: Jossey Bass. Arbuckle, J. L., & Wothke, W. (1999). Amos 4.0 User s Guide. Chicago: Smallwaters. Bentler, P. M. (1986). Theory and implementation of EQS: A structural equations program. Los Angeles: BMDP Statistical Software. Collins, L. M., Hyatt, S. L., & Graham, J. W. (2000). LTA as a way of testing models of stage-sequential change. In T. D. Little, K. U. Schnabel, & J. Baumert (Eds.), Modeling longitudinal and multiple-group data: Practical issues, applied approaches, and speci c examples (pp. 147 161). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Collins, L. M., Schafer, J. L., & Kam, C. M. (2001). A comparison of inclusive and restrictive strategies in modern missing data procedures. Psychological Methods, 6, 330 351. Dempster, A. P., Laird, N. M., & Rubin, D. B. (1977). Maximum likelihood from incomplete data via the EM algorithm (with discussion), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, B39, 1 38. Duncan, S. C., & Duncan, T. E. (1994). Modeling incomplete longitudinal substance use data using latent variable growth curve methodology. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 29, 313 338. Duncan, T. E., Duncan, S. C., and Li, F. (1998). A comparison of model- and multiple imputation-based approaches to longitudinal analysis with partial missingness. Structural Equation Modeling, 5, 1 21. Efron, B. (1982). The jackknife, the bootstrap, and other resampling plans. Philadelphia: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Graham, J. W. (in press). Adding missing-data relevant variables to FIML-based structural equation models. Structural Equation Modeling. Graham, J. W., & Donaldson, S. I. (1993). Evaluating interventions with differential attrition: The importance of nonresponse mechanisms and use of followup data. Journal of Applied Psychology, 78, 119 128.
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Opportunities in psychology were slim for African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, Native American, and other minorities, before the middle of the twentieth century. Since its founding in 1892, American psychology had always been a white, male, experimentally-oriented academic discipline. Its association, the American Psychological Association (APA), was run by presidents, boards, and council members from Academe and non-academic applied psychologists were not numerous. Most of those calling themselves clinical psychologists worked in schools and, occasionally, in state mental hospitals and in institutions for the retarded and epileptic. Doctoral programs in psychology supplied new (white male) faculty members for universities as replacements were needed. Recruitment involved an Old Boy system of phone calls to colleagues. Jobs in universities were rarely advertised. College jobs often asked for Christian gentlemen candidates (see Positions Available in the early years of the
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Part VI Adding Sensory Excitement and Interactivity
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As part of an RF ESD CAD design system, a hierarchical O[3] parameterized cell is designed, which forms a bidirectional O[2] series diode strings that can vary the number of series diode elements and the physical width of each diode element. For example, a design may use four diodes in one direction and two in the other direction between the ground rails. The automated ESD design system has the ability to adjust the design size and the number of elements. In digital circuits, the design decision is typically decided based on the digital d.c. voltage separation required between the grounds; in high speed digital, analog, and RF circuits, the design issue is the capacitive coupling at high frequency. As more elements are added, capacitive coupling is reduced. In our ESD design system, the interconnects and wires automatically stretch and scale with the structure size. Algorithms are developed that autogenerate the interconnects on the basis of the number of diodes up versus diodes down. As elements are added, both the graphical layout and the physical schematics introduce the elements maintaining the electrical interconnects and pin connection.
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