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of service is the probability of meeting congestion (blockage) during the busy hour (BH).
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If you want to use heat-shrink tubing, cut off an inch length and slide it onto one of the wires, but out of the way for now. Move the two wires together so they touch. With the soldering iron, lightly touch the two wires. Watch the solder on each flow together to form the joint as shown in Figure A-18. You may find having a tiny bit of fresh solder on the iron helps this process, but otherwise you shouldn t need solder at this point. The solder joint is now done and should be quite strong.
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In general, various components of the income statement can be expressed as a percentage of total sales revenue or as identifiable (known) dollar values. We know that a common-size vertical analysis will allow us to express every element of an income statement as a percentage of total sales revenue. Known dollar values will consist of costs that are considered fixed or repetitive costs that can be estimated with accuracy. The following example illustrates how total sales revenue is required to cover the variable costs and estimated known dollar value costs and to provide operating income (before tax). Breakeven total sales revenue exists when sales revenue is equal to the total operating costs;
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the empowerment process. However, this analysis must be performed by the front of ce manager in conjunction with frontline employees. If input from frontline employees is not included in the analysis, valuable data may be overlooked and an opportunity for employee ownership will be lost. The opportunity for an employee to participate in the decision-making process will ensure positive initiation of empowerment.
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