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Processing Guest Reservations
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onClipEvent (enterFrame) { for (i=0; i<10; ++i) { duplicateMovieClip(this, chase+i, i); setProperty(eval( chase +i), _x, this_.x+Math.random()*i*3); setProperty(eval( chase +i), _y, this_.y+Math.random()*i*3); setProperty(eval( chase +i), _alpha,Math.random()*100); } }
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1. Select the Preprocess Tab. 2. Under Filter, press the Choose button. 3. Select Filters Supervised Attribute AttributeSelection from the navigation hierarchy. As a result, the text AttributeSelection . . . is shown next to the Choose button. 4. Now, click on the text AttributeSelection . . . . The AttributeSelection dialog appears as shown in, Figure 6.10, where the default Evaluator and Search methods are displayed. Next, we ll override these default options by specifying new evaluator and search methods. 1. Next to evaluator, press the Choose button. 2. Select AttributeSelection WrapperSubsetEval from the navigation hierarchy. 3. Click on the text WrapperSubsetEval next to the evaluator Choose button. The WrapperSubsetEval dialog appears as shown in Figure 6.11. By default, WEKA speci es the ZeroR classi er.
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ments are probably more appropriately classi ed as belonging to a category of performance-based measures, as has been proposed by the American Psychological Association Work Group on Psychological Assessment (Kubiszyn et al., 2000; Meyer et al., 2001). By contrast with self-report data, the data obtained by performance-based measures consist not of what people say about themselves, but of the manner in which they deal with various tasks they are given to do. A third thread in the history of methods for assessing personality characteristics and psychopathology comprises interview procedures. Assessment interviews are similar to self-report measures, in that respondents are asked directly what the assessor wants to know. Unlike relatively structured tests, however, which are typically taken in written form and involve little interaction with the examiner, interviews are interactive oral procedures in which the participants engage in a conversational exchange. Moreover, assessment interviews include a performance-based as well as a self-report component, in that interviewers typically base their impressions not only on what respondents say about themselves, but also on how they say it and how they conduct themselves while being interviewed. The fourth thread consists of behavioral procedures that epitomize performance-based assessment. In behavioral assessment, the manner in which respondents conduct themselves is not an ancillary source of information, but instead constitutes the core data being obtained. Respondents are asked to perform tasks selected or designed to mimic certain real-world situations as closely as possible, and their performance on these tasks is taken as a representative sample of behavior that should be predictive of how they will act in the real-world situation. Gideon s previously mentioned method of selecting his troops exempli es assessment based on observing behavior in representative circumstances. As elaborated next, behavioral assessment, like the other three threads of personality assessment history, has a unique lineage with respect to how, why, and by whom it became established. Relatively Structured Tests The entry of the United States into World War I in uenced assessment psychology by creating an urgent need to evaluate not only the intellectual level of draftees, as noted earlier, but their emotional stability as well. Reports from France in 1917 indicated that the war effort was being hampered by the presence in the ranks of mentally fragile soldiers who could not tolerate the psychological stress of combat. In response to these reports, Robert Woodworth (1869 1962), a prominent experimental psychologist who had done his doctoral work with Cattell and later succeeded him as department head at
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What s the difference between an XLS file and an XLA file created from an XLS file Is the XLA version compiled Does it run faster
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FIGURE 16-5: Widgets can have a preferences view.
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Once the forecast departmental income statements have been finalized, the total departmental operating income can be calculated. From this can be deducted the undistributed expenses (administrative and general, marketing, property operation and maintenance, and energy costs). These expenses are generally primarily fixed in nature and can usually be estimated with some accuracy. In this case, the figure is estimated to be $480,000 annually. The forecasted departmental operating income figures, less undistributed expenses, have been transferred to Exhibit 13.2 for each of the first five years of operation. It should be noted that these figures are constant for each of the years (except for rooms departmental income from year 2 forward, due to the anticipated increase in occupancy percentage, room rate, and direct expenses, as explained earlier). In all other cases, the possibility of increasing costs has been ignored on the assumption that any increased costs will be passed on in the form of higher room rates or food and beverage prices; thus, net operating income will not change significantly. Also, for years 2 through 5, no upward adjustment has been made for any additional sales revenue that the food and beverage areas would derive from the additional rooms occupancy. At this point, the sales revenue figures should be kept as conservative as possible. In Exhibit 13.2, in years 1 and 2, $100,000 preopening operating costs have been deducted: $50,000 in each of the years. For tax purposes in the United States (as well as some other countries), the interest expense on interim financing of $220,000 cannot be deducted to arrive at operating income (before tax).
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CLOSING COMMENTS Few among us could have imagined the devastation that HIV has caused in the years between 1981 and 2000. That nearly 500,000 Americans and 19 million people worldwide would die, and 11 million children would become orphans because of AIDS a disease that was not even recognized in 1980 would be unthinkable, except that these events have occurred. From this sobering look at recent history, however, we look ahead with cautious optimism. This optimism is based on the unrelenting advocacy of concerned persons; the scienti c community s commitment and creativity; and the unprecedented cooperation among patients, advocates, practitioners, and scientists within and across national boundaries. Due to these contributions, we have witnessed remarkable advances in the primary and secondary prevention of HIV and AIDS during the past decade. Health psychologists have contributed generously to these advances, and we believe that they will continue to contribute in the future. Much work remains to be done, and much remains at stake.
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by new), a factor of fundamental importance to nutrient cycling and the removal of toxins. Sediment and organic matter inputs, which both supply and store nutrients that sustain aquatic plants and animals and, crucially, provide the raw materials from which key physical elements of habitat structure are constructed, such as substrates, spawning grounds, and refugia (i.e. microhabitats within which organisms can survive periods of stress, such as drought or freezing). Temperature and light penetration, which regulate the metabolic rates, and thus the biological productivity, of aquatic organisms. Temperature exerts a direct control on all metabolic processes. Light penetration directly affects the viability of photosynthesis, and is thus a sine qua non for the growth of algae and plants containing chlorophyll. Given that photosynthesis accounts for virtually all of the primary productivity in surface freshwater ecosystems, light penetration indirectly in uences the fauna also. Chemical and nutrient conditions, which besides providing the basic building blocks for plant and animal productivity, also regulate pH and other aspects of water chemistry which affect the suitability of the habitat to support speci c species/ groups of organisms. The plant and animal assemblage itself, which directly in uences ecosystem process rates and community structure.
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