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Areas of Specialization
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1 US-EPA, Air quality criteria for particulate matter. US-EPA/600/P-99/002aD, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2003. 2 Pope, C.A., Thun, M.J., Namboodiri, M.M., Dockery, D.W., Evans, J.S., Speizer, F.E. and Heath, D.W, Jr. Particulate air pollution as a predictor of mortality in a prospective study of U. S. adults. American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine 1995; 151: 669 674.
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Generic code to create a Session object.
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The trace action returns values that are displayed in the Output window. Updating the Flash Player for testing You can download the latest version of the Flash Player from the Macromedia Web site and use it to test your movies in Flash MX with the most recent version of the Flash Player.
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view, an environmental press typically elicited an individual need; this sequence was termed a thema. Thus, for example: press Rejection need Af liation. (Alternatively, for some people the thema might be: press Rejection need Rejection.) At the most abstract level was the concept of unitythema, an underlying press needs reaction system that is the key to [each individual s] unique nature. . . . By the observation of many parts one nally arrives at a conception of the whole and, then, having grasped the latter, one can re-interpret and understand the former (Murray, 1938, p. 604 605; emphasis in original). The Study of Individual Lives in the 1930s and 1940s . . . and Later We have suggested that during the rst three decades of the twentieth century, psychologists were reluctant to adopt methods of studying individual personalities. Were these methods more widely accepted in the 1930s and 1940s (see, e.g., Craik, 1986) In this section we examine the reception of Allport s and Murray s texts and reassess the status of case studies and life histories in personality psychology during this period. Reception of Allport s and Murray s Texts As we have seen, Allport s early publications promoting case methods were generally overlooked by personality psychologists; in contrast, his Ascendance-Submission (G. W. Allport, 1928) and Study of Values (G. W. Allport & Vernon, 1931) tests were very successful (see, e.g., Bernreuter, 1933; Duffy, 1940). Reviewers of Allport s (1937b) book recognized it as a foundational text for the new eld of personality psychology (e.g., Cantril, 1938; Hollingworth, 1938; Jenkins, 1938), but his emphasis on the study of the individual drew sharp criticism. J. P. Guilford, for example, considered it a revolt against science (1938, p. 416; see also Bills, 1938; Paterson, 1938; Skaggs, 1945). Similarly, Richard M. Elliott (1939) approved of Murray s (1938) efforts to combine psychoanalytic and experimental approaches, his procedures (especially the Thematic Apperception Test), and his catalog of variables, but he criticized Murray s neglect of psychometric research and of statistics. Elliott found the case study of Earnst too speculative. Elliott s criticism re ected his own ambivalence regarding the study of individual lives in personality psychology. Around 1938, he had begun teaching a course entitled Biographical Psychology, relying on biographies, autobiographies, and ction and requiring that his students prepare a biographical study. However, he referred to the course as a
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Linguistic Procedures for Translation
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Calculation of redundancy q (m) using code C1, stored but not transmitted
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.net data matrix reader
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The example that follows displays a message that tells you the name of the active sheet:
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