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1 , 2 n+1 using the results in [135, Theorem 2]. It follows for m = 2 stocks that 1 Sn Vn Sn 2
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Interventions and Performance Enhancement
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It can be seen from this brief description that both of the approaches to health psychology described previously (see Table 1.1) are being developed in the United States. EDUCATION AND TRAINING IN EUROPE Professionalization of health psychology in European countries is on average 10 to 20 years behind the United States but follows a similar philosophy and rationale. In some countries (e.g., France, Portugal), it is 50 years behind, in others (e.g., Austria, Netherlands), it is not behind at all. Responsibility for policy regarding professional psychology in Europe lies with an umbrella organization called the European Federation of Professional Psychologists Associations (EFPPA). Under the umbrella of EFPPA, national member associations operate with a mixture of national and transnational agendas and policies. Member associations balance the desirability of subscribing to pan-European principles with national priorities and interests. A Task Force on Health Psychology was established by EFPPA in 1992 with the following objectives: 1. To de ne the nature and scope of health psychology and its possible future development to the year 2000. 2. To specify training needs and objectives for professional health psychologists consistent with the agreed de nition. 3. To examine different models and options for the training of health psychologists and to select from among them suitable models for EFPPA countries. The Task Force disseminated its working papers in a series of newsletter reports, conference symposia, and workshops (Donker, 1994, 1997; Marks, 1993, 1994a, 1994b, 1994c, 1994d, 1997a, 1997b; Marks, Donker, Jepsen, & RodriguezMarin, 1994; Marks et al., 1995a; Marks & Rodriguez-Marin, 1995; Rodriguez-Marin, 1994; Sidot, 1994; Wallin, 1994). An interim progress report was accepted by the EFPPA General Assembly in 1995 (Marks et al., 1995b). The Final Report was adopted by the General Assembly of EFPPA in Dublin in 1997 and published by Marks et al. (1998). The EFPPA approach followed the health service provider model of Table 1.1 although it addressed some issues that are amenable to the community action approach. Rationale for Training The rationale for developing training of health psychologists in Europe is the rapid growth of new developments in research
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Response 2 Server retrieves the referenced pieces of profile
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2 means poor, 3 means fair, 4 means good, and 5 means excellent ) assessed by a group of men and women of di erent race, culture, and tone/accent. Usually, a set of pre-selected medium/long voice samples are played over the same transmission media under di erent types of impairment conditions, and the group of men and women listen to the samples at the other end of the channel to assign a MOS number for speech quality ( 1 for bad quality, and 5 for excellent quality). Note that the toll-quality voice has a MOS of 4. MP Multipoint processor; an ITU-T H.323 entity on a LAN that provides (a) centralized processing of audio, video, or data streams in a multipoint conference and (b) mixing, switching, or other processing of media streams under the control of the MC. It may also process a single media stream or multiple media streams, depending on the type of conference supported. MPLS Multiprotocol label switching; an IETF protocol (see, e.g., RFC 2702 and RFC 3031/2/5/6; also see www.mplsforum.org and www.mplsrc.com for details) that enables delivery of a di erent class/category and QoS over the traditional IP-based network by using special labels in the packet header. MP-MLQ Multi-pulse maximum likelihood quantization; a technique utilized by G.723 voice coding scheme to generate a bit stream of 6.3 Kbps of speed. MSF Multi-service switching forum; this refers to an international association of telecommunications and data communications service providers and equipment manufacturers with a mission to develop open protocol based systems for multi-service switching (the implementation agreements are available at www.msforum.org/techinfo/approved.shtml). MSS Multiservice switch; a network element that can support a variety of protocols and interfaces for interworking between PSTN and packet networks. MTA Multimedia terminal adapter; the multimedia information adapter within or adjacent to the cable modem in customer s premises of the DOCSIS (de ned earlier) standard. M2E Mouth to ear; an identi er which is commonly used to refer to the voice signal transmission delay from talker s (e.g., the calling party s) mouth to listener s (e.g., the called party s) ear in a telephone call. MTP Message transfer part; de nes functions for reliable transfer of SS7 messages from one signaling point to another in a fashion which is equivalent to OSI layer-1 to layer3; de ned in ITU-T documents Q.700 through Q.709 and ANSI Standards T1.111-1992. MTU Maximum transmission unit; the maximum packet size, in bytes, that a particular interface supports (receives, processes, and transmits). MU-Law or m-Law An ITU-T speci cation for logarithmic conversion between analog and digital signals for pulse code modulation (PCM) tech-
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Choose a Palette Type to define the image s color palette: image quality and the fastest processing on the server.
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