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Fig. 11.2 Common strategies for slope stabilization by groundwater control. (a) Plan view of typical slope stabilization measures in materials prone to failure when subject to high pore water pressures. Runoff originating on the hill top above the slope is intercepted by a cut-off drain immediately above the crest of the slope. Runoff which over ows this channel in extreme events, plus any localized recharge originating due to rainfall directly onto the slope face, will be intercepted by the dendritic channels lled with cobbles, cut into the slope face itself. These cobble- lled channels, plus any runoff on the slope face which does not enter them, discharges into the toe drain, which rapidly moves water away from the vulnerable slope toe area. (b) Cross-section showing the lowering of a naturally high water table in the vicinity of a vulnerable slope by installation of an adit (i.e. a drainage tunnel) or a horizontal borehole. This approach may suf ce in relatively massive, homogeneous aquifer materials. (c) In cases where the aquifer material is heterogeneous, such that perched aquifers develop at distinct horizons (cf Figure 1.6), the approach shown in (b) above may be insuf cient to ensure slope stability; vertical wells back- lled with freely-draining material (sand or gravel as appropriate to ground conditions) can ensure that the perched lenses of groundwater are drained down to the base level drain (i.e. the adit or horizontal borehole).
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Jarod Wilson makes a very important observation in his authoritative Fedora MythTV How-To regarding the Fedora Core/Red Hat package management system: WARNING: Do NOT attempt any other rpm activity while the upgrade is in progress. Performing multiple exclusive rpm operations at the same time can lead to very bad things happening (rpm database inconsistencies, race conditions, completely hosed database, etc.). After the big upgrade, you MAY get an error about being unable to open the rpm database (this used to happen to me w/RHL9, but hasn t ever with FC). If you do encounter this error, try the following:
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This procedure loops through each sheet in the workbook and sets the LeftFooter property of the PageSetup object to the FullName property of the workbook (which is the filename and path). It also sets the font size to 8 points.
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 How many companies are participating  What information is shared, and how is it standardized  How often is information provided by the companies
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In this chapter, we look back at the evolution of geographical positioning, from astronomical navigation of ancient days to today s satellite systems. Major dates are given together with a description of the fundamental techniques. These techniques are essentially still used today. The development phases of modern satellite positioning systems are also provided. As soon as human beings decided to explore new territories, they needed to be able to locate either themselves or their destination. At rst, only terrestrial displacements were of concern, and the issue was to be able to come back home. The come back function was achieved by using speci c marks in the landscape that had to be memorized. Quite quickly, because of the possibility of carrying very large loads by sea, maritime transportation became an interesting way of traveling. New needs arose regarding positioning because of the total absence of marks at sea. Thus, navigators had the choice of following the shore, where terrestrial marks were available, or of nding a technique for positioning with no visibility to the shore. This was the starting point of geographical positioning.
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graduate training programs. A complete list of accredited internship programs can be found in a yearly updated directory of internships published and provided by the APPIC. The directory is available online (www.APPIC.org) through APPIC and all graduate programs and internship sites have a copy of the directory. Applications are obtained online and must be completed on or around December 1 of each year for those interested in the programs that begin the following July 1 or September 1. All internship programs maintain their own selection and interviewing process. However, internship programs are not allowed to make offers of admission until a set date in February of each year. Activities during the clinical internship usually focus specifically on clinical training. Psychotherapy, psychological testing, and consultation with a variety of patient populations is expected. Interns typically work in collaboration with a variety of professionals (e.g., physicians, nurses, social workers, counselors) in most settings. Interns also typically participate in seminars on topics such as psychotherapy, psychological testing, professional ethics, among others. Some internship training sites specialize in certain patient populations (e.g., children, adolescents, college students, adults, the elderly) while certain sites specialize in particular types of professional services (e.g., testing, psychotherapy, consultation, acute hospital care). Research experience and training may also be a part of the internship experience. Following the successful completion of the clinical internship and all of the requirements of the graduate training program (including the doctoral dissertation), the doctorate is awarded.
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If you re upgrading from a previous version of Excel, you ll notice several new toolbars. Compared to Excel 2000, Excel 2002 has 13 new toolbars: Borders Envelope Diagram Draw Border Online Meeting You might be surprised to learn that the Task Pane is actually a toolbar a very nonstandard toolbar. It contains a single control. Drawing Canvas Protection PivotTable Field List Insert Shape Organization Chart Clipboard Task Pane Text to Speech
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Substitute this value in the upper equation and solve for y.
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The texture of restructured whole-tissue steaks should simulate that of a real steak; otherwise, they will be rejected by the consumer. Some of the common terminologies used by consumers to describe texture problems in restructured meats include rubbery,
Measurement in Sport and Exercise Psychology
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