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Fig. 6.2 Hyporheic zone processes of groundwater/surface water exchange and mixing. The three principal processes are: downwelling of surface water into the underlying aquifer; upwelling of deep groundwater into the stream; and shallow exchange of surface waters into the sediments immediately underlying the stream bottom. (Adapted after Kaplan and Newbold 2000.)
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geneizing intermediate- and high-viscosity uids. The coarse batter ows through a narrow gap between two disks, a rotative disk (the rotor) and a static disk (the stator). Intense shear stress in the gap is due to the high rotation speed (from about 1000 to 2000 rpm) and the narrowness of the gap (50 to 1000 m). Many of the factors that increase the effectiveness of droplet disruption also increase the manufacturing costs. Typically, colloid mills with droplet diameters between 1 to 5 m can be used to produce emulsion (McClements 1999). Compared with cutters, ner and more regular batters are obtained in colloid mills. These devices can be combined in different ways, depending on the amount of production (Figure 7.2). Although chopping technology has been used for a long time, it is still used to develop new products. For example, a process for manufacturing very low-fat sausages (maximum fat content of 4%, i.e., 60% 80% fewer calories than traditional sausage products) was recently performed in Germany (Pointner 2007, patent DE102005026752 2007).
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Most of ce-supply stores carry an assortment of template paper such as address labels or stickers. Most of these template papers are compatible with Microsoft Word. Here s how to use them:
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WPAN & WSN dynamic RF environment
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ware upgrading and to roll out new service features (e.g., uni ed messaging, nd-me/follow-me services) across the enterprise. Both traditional PBX vendors and Internet router manufacturers are developing and marketing IP-PBX and other relevant feature GWs and application servers. Some of them are Avaya (www.avaya.com, 2001; formerly a part of Lucent), Nortel (www.nortelnetworks.com, 2001), Siemens (www.siemens.com, 2001), NEC (www.nec.com, 2001), Mitel (www.mitel.com, 2001), and Cisco (www.cisco.com, 2001). Note that some of the commercially available IP-PBXs can support many new and emerging services in addition to tens of call processing features and functions that are available in traditional circuit-switchbased PBXs. Figure 6-2 shows possible architectures for migration of traditional centrex services to IP-based centerx services with minimal infrastructure investment by customer but a somewhat signi cant (less for ISPs but perhaps more for telecoms) capital investment from the service provider. Details of the costs depend on interface and service requirements, scope of the deployment, age of the equipment (handsets) and the IP network infrastructure already in place, and so on, and can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. IP centrex customers can add new endpoints (phones) without requiring new phone lines to the telecom service provider s central o ce, and also can roll out many new and advanced IP-based services in a customized fashion just by adding new servers to their local IP network (LAN or Intranet). Many existing telecom switch manufacturing vendors are developing either (a) line cards that integrate with exist-
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