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Keeping Your Head in the Game
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{A, D, E} {C, F} {B} Results of clustering
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is an array of text strings specifying the items in the list box. You enter the text strings for the array using the Values dialog box or using the FListBox.addItem or FListBox.addItemAt methods to add items at runtime.
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Millon, C., 68 Mills, M., 337 Millstein, S. G., 481, 484 Milne, R. M., 207, 214 Milner, R. A., 314 Milnor, D., 61, 70 Milov, A., 37, 48 Milter, M. M., 142 Minde, K., 476, 485 Mindell, J., 443, 462 Mink, P. J., 140, 523, 541 Minuchin, S., 103, 118 Mirotznik, J., 529, 540 Mischel, W., 53, 72 Miser, A., 449, 462 Missmer, S. A., 525, 539 Mitchell, C. M., 409 Mitchell, J., 154, 165, 521, 541 Mitler, M., 320, 336 Mitra, D., 177, 188 Mittleman, M. A., 341, 362, 364, 507 Mock, J. E., 328, 334, 396, 408 Mock, V., 274, 290 Modic, M. T., 294, 314 Moe, K. O., 573, 586 Moestrup, T., 62, 72, 83, 94 Mohammed, A. H., 152, 166 Mohandas, N., 452, 460 Moher, D., 448, 461 Mohr, D., 56, 72 Mohr, J., 73, 243 Mokdad, A., 121, 137, 142, 144, 191, 214, 559 Molander, L., 156, 166 Moldofsky, H., 172, 183, 188, 319, 336 Moletteire, C., 296, 314 Mol no, N. A., 102, 118 Molinari, E., 103, 115 Moline, M. L., 318, 336 Molloy, P., 456, 460 Molyneaux, L., 208, 216 Monaghan, J., 401, 411 Moncher, F. J., 458, 462 Mondanaro, J., 522, 541 Monjan, A. A., 322, 335 Monk, M., 398, 411 Monk, T. H., 318, 327, 334, 336 Monnikes, H., 405, 408, 410 Monroe, L. J., 335 Monroe, S. M., 169, 176, 188 Montague, C. T., 126, 142 Montaner, J. S., 234, 243, 244 Montenero, P., 204, 214 Montero, A. C., 362 Monti, D., 329, 330, 336 Monti, J. M., 329, 330, 336 Montrose, D., 253, 258, 263 Moore, A., 428, 434 Moore, C. L., 547, 560 Moore, E., 473, 484 Moore, K. A., 608 Moore, L. I., 429, 434 Moore, M. A., 359 Moore, R., 409, 547, 563 Moorey, S., 280, 288, 290 Moorjani, S., 143
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1950s and 1960s suggests bases for the interests of citizens, including psychologists, to create such a distinct enterprise as community psychology. Embedded in the spirit of the times, the founding of community psychology at the Swampscott Conference was supported by at least two decades of exploration into community approaches to mental health service provision. The 20 years of scholarly and professional achievements illuminated the connections among social structure, health, and the delivery of community and preventive services. The founding and development of the eld both re ected and fostered a paradigm shift in the practice of psychology. Community psychology represented new ways to conceptualize mental illness and mental health and news ways to approach individual, systems, and social changes. Speci cally, shifts in conceptual orientation demanded that efforts to develop theories and preventive interventions be viewed through a nonde cits model a model of promoting strengths of communities and individual community members. We have framed the eld s development of theory and action in terms of enhancing individual and community strengths. Community psychologists like Cowen and Weissberg have made promoting wellness through preventive interventions with an ecological orientation. Ecological theorists have also suggested speci c connections to a strengths perspective, most recently in the ideas of Kelly (2000). Preventive interventionists are increasingly advocating for the inherent connection between this strengths perspective and their work (Seidman et al., 1999; Zimmerman, Ramirez-Valles, & Maton, 1999). The thesis of this chapter lies in the multiple ways that traces of the principle of the interdependence of a strengths perspective with ecological concepts and preventive interventions have de ned a major core of the work implemented throughout the eld s history. The importance of the strengths perspective in community psychology is illustrated by the number of community psychologists who have commented on the challenge of developing a competence approach in community research and practice. At the symposium celebrating the 20th anniversary of the eld, Kelly (1987) echoed the Swampscott Conference participants articulation of a need for a broader de nition of health and well-being. Strother (1987) discussed how the tone at the time of Swampscott had allowed for an emphasis on the maintenance of health rather than a sole focus on illness. Klein (1987) repeated some of Lindemann s thoughts by emphasizing that prevention or mental health promotion, the most cost-effective early treatments, would result from focused efforts to enhance individuals natural support systems. Also during this time, several chapters in the Annual Review of Psychology focused attention on the issue of bringing a
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We will concentrate on the algebraic solution. There are two approaches to solving two simultaneous equations by the algebraic solution:
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Let us assume that, by promotion or other means, the sales mix was changed; 25 people no longer select menu item # 2, five guests switch to menu item #1, and the other 20 guests choose menu item # 4. The new sales mix is shown below, with a new higher average check of $4.72. The higher average check would
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Basic streaming media architecture.
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In the backward elimination procedure, we begin with all of the variables in the model. The partial F-statistic is then calculated for each variable in the model. Examples of these would be F(weight|sugars, ber, . . . , cups) and F(cups|sugars, ber, . . . , weight) . The variable with the smallest partial F-statistic, Fmin , is examined, which in this case is weight. If Fmin is not signi cant, which is the case here, the variable is dropped from the model. On the next pass, the variable with the smallest partial F-statistic is cups, which again is not signi cant. Thus, cups is also omitted from the model. On the third pass, the variable with the smallest partial F-statistic is the shelf 2 indicator variable. However, the p-value associated with this Fmin is not large enough to warrant noninclusion in the model according to the inclusion criteria (more on this in a bit). Therefore, the procedure terminates, and reports
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