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Essentials of Error-Control Coding
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Private law: person-toperson
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are different. Thus, the potential average rate must be calculated by taking the hotel s normal sales mix into consideration. To illustrate, assume that if all of a 90-room hotel s various rooms were each occupied by one person (single occupancy) at the maximum single occupancy rack rate, total sales revenue would be $6,750. Potential minimum average rate is therefore: $6,750 90 $75
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N OT E In launching a chosen plaintext attack the phrase that is often used is The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs. Notice anything unusual about this phrase It contains every letter in the alphabet.
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Make sure that you include the worksheet name when you specify the RowSource property; otherwise, the ListBox will use the specified range on the active worksheet.In some cases, you may need to fully qualify the range by including the workbook name. For example: [Book1.xls]Sheet1!A1:A12
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Note that using the probabilities given in Tables 5.1 and 5.2, we can easily nd the complement of these probabilities by subtracting from 1. For completeness, we present these complement probabilities in Table 5.3. Let us verify Bayes theorem for this data set using the probabilities in Table 5.1. P(C|V ) = 0.1656(0.1449) P(V |C)P(C) = = 0.0868 P(V ) 0.2766
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Key Left Right Up Down / 0-9 Space/Enter R/r ESC/O Explanation Browse a program prior to the current listed program. Browse a program following the current listed program. Browse a program on the channel above the current listed channel/program. Browse a program on the channel below the current listed channel/program. Browse a program on the next favorite channel. Enter a channel number to browse. Change the channel to the channel of the current listed program. Toggle recording of the current program (cycles through types). Exit Browse mode.
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